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    1. California
      Hi phillipma1957 -- looking for the best SSD for Mac mini 2010 and also 13" 2011 Macbook pro... do you have any and/or have any suggestions? Also need 16gb ram for the 2010, what do you suggest? Is the newer speed DDR3 ram compatible with a 2010 Mac Mini?
      1. philipma1957
        Sorry I don't do much with macs anymore. The 2010 mac mini needs older ssds It is sata II not sata III. It has a lot of small BS wires and is not that easy to put an ssd into it. It also is really picky with ram samsung 4gb sticks worked well and 8gb ram is kind of the max. Frankly I would sell the 2010 mac mini and get a 2011 or a 2012.
        Dec 8, 2015
    2. tom29786
      Phil, this is tom from Maryland, now from Ct and Fl I think you remember me from 123 mac min, and i have bought stuff from you on ebay. Make short of it I have a 2012 mini that I have f-uped 2 fusion drives and needs to get fixed,I do not know how to use terminal to get it right. Would like to send it to you if possible I will be home by 2:30 give me a call at 727 871 7616 or give me your number and I will Call You or Thanks
    3. lali
      Hi philipma1957. Do you still sell mac mini's on Ebay? If so what is your vendor name please?
    4. cablefun
      Hi, firstly sorry to bother you but i want ti sum up your post about the seagate thunderbolt adapter, ill list a few questions if thats ok.
      1. i can buy a second hand free agent go HDD and replace with a 240gb ssd and this will fit nicely with the t-bolt adapter
      2. the t-bolt adapter seems limited to transfers about 350MBps (the drive i want to buy goes unto 550MBps)
      if you can find the time to reply this would be great...
      thanks matt
    5. softwaredevelop
      Can u share photos of your VESA mounted iMac
    6. DonMega

      I just wanted to let you know that my friend has been running the 10.7 GM for a week now on the machine that we did your mod on and it is working flawlessly.
    7. Liske
      Is your mac a 5,1 ?
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