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    1. pubjoe
      By all accounts it should be possible. With a few terminal commands, partitions can be "fused" as has been tested on the hdd side, so there's no reason that it shouldn't also work on the ssd side.

      I haven't yet attempted it and I'm not sure if I will or not. Though I have put the 256GB rMBP ssd in and that works fine (windows 8 is installed on it). I also have the 512GB 2.5" M4 ssd in place of the hdd (Mac OS). ...I could gain a bit more storage space and about £200 for the M4 for a small trade off in overall disk performance/noise/life ...but then again, I finally have everything setup and running nicely and I'm nearing my file migration pain threshold as it is. Installing Windows 8 (upgrade edition) without a DVD drive. Not. Fun.
    2. Fried Chicken
      Fried Chicken
      "I'll be getting a 256GB rmbp ssd after Christmas so I'll be using that instead of my crucial M4.

      I'm curious about the fusion drive abilities. If I was to break the link and split the ssd into 2 partitions (for bootcamp), can I then re-link one partition into fusion?"

      You, sir, have a mind that works like mine.
      Did you find anything out about this?
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