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    1. Huntn
      I appreciate the offer but will decline. Thanks. I'm taking a MMO breather having quite WoW for the second and last time. I was looking at a game called Rift, but my impression is it is very similar to WoW in many respects other than rifts open into the world requiring players to fight off NPC invaders. I'm going to wait for Star Wars:The Old Republic which should go retail this Spring. Do you plan on giving it (SWTOR) a shot?

      Also I have joined the Old Timers Guild for the sake of continuity with players. This is a large guild with participants covering many games. They seem like a good group with an active forum. Because of this, the Guild most likely will dictate the server. Anyway hope to see you in TOR? :)
    2. 63dot
      I hope I didn't offend you. It's just that your point of view reminds me a lot of the book, the Bell Curve, the controversial book many (anti-education) neo-conservatives love. I am a Christian and it's also a book that the rival Christian Identity movement has on their reading list along with Turner Diaries. So yes, if that's you, of course I am debating against you.

      But in America, the beauty is that there could be bleeding heart green party voters like me and the Christian Identity movement with their far right views, and we can all co-exist.

      If you believe that most, or many top school entrants are really smart or talented, then that's fine and you probably have a view the majority of people share. Coming from a background where I saw a lot of my peers in my ethnic group do the Ivies and Stanford, I saw they didn't have outstanding smarts, but benefited from a culture of study and luckily didn't live across town where the gang wars were and are still tearing lives apart.
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