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    1. redkamel
      thanks! I think Im going to swing by and pick up a mini tomorrow...your message just sealed that plan.
    2. mrfoof82
      By day I'm a database developer in quantitative finance. Even in testing my databases are about 100GB in size, with actual query working sets of about 2-3GB (about 30M-40M rows) and that's with the overhead of running it in VMWare (I use Microsoft SQL Server). In that case the test databases are specifically put on a separate virtual disk which is on the hybrid drive, while the rest of the VM is on external FW800 storage.

      For photos I have a Canon EOS-30D which is only about 8.2MP, and it's still cake. The Aperture Library is on a Seagate Momentus XT, and doesn't bat an eye.

      The difference in raw power between a 2.66GHz C2D and a 2.66GHz Core i5 is 15% at best. Memory speeds are identical, and since it's double-channel in both setups (there are no triple-channel i7 laptops) memory bandwidth is the same. After that it's GPU performance and if you're using a 320M it's identical to the Mac Mini.

      Buy an MBP if portability is a concern, not power. If it isn't get a Mini or an iMac.
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