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    1. CFreymarc
    2. rasmusonline
      Are you a teacher?
    3. justinfreid
      You're welcome. I think I understand what you're getting at.
      Your homemade rockets look cool.
    4. Rocketman
      My .sig is effectively a play on words as you suspect. Apple's ad campaign "Think Different" is often criticized correctly or not for being gramatically incorrect. I simply added the "-ly" to address the noise in those threads which interestingly once I did that it went away. It is currently simply a pithy way to say something Apple-ish that puts a smile on people's faces. In any case the original threads, this discussion and all the related discussions over the years have been much adou over nothing, or very little, showing once again how much time we all have on our hands for trivia and drivel now that everyone on the planet has 24/7 access to research, communication, and broadcasting at near zero cost and effort.

      To me that is the takeaway from the whole thing. Not so much the original subject or its evolution. I am noting the process more than the content. Thanks for the contact. You made me look it up.

    5. justinfreid
      Sorry if the intention behind my link wasn't clear.
      DIFFERENT can be used as an adverb in exactly the same way that DIFFERENTLY usually is. So different could easily mean "in a different manner," as you emphasized in your response, when it's modifying a verb.
      In fact, according to Merriam-Webster, the definition for DIFFERENT, adv is DIFFERENTLY. That's what I wanted you to glean from my link. Another grammatical interpretation of the slogan could consider DIFFERENT a noun and thus it'd tell the reader what to think instead of how to think.
      Either way, your signature seems to be an effort to point out a grammatical error in Apple's seminal slogan when there isn't one.
      Have I misunderstood the intention behind your signature? If your signature isn't erroneously criticizing the grammar of the slogan, what is it supposed to mean?
    6. Rocketman
      Definition of DIFFERENTLY
      : in a different manner
      : otherwise
      Examples of DIFFERENTLY

      1. <we do things differently around here>

      First Known Use of DIFFERENTLY
      14th century
      Related to DIFFERENTLY
      Synonyms: otherwise, else, other (than)
      Antonyms: likewise
    7. justinfreid
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