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    1. DualShock
      Sold SPNarwhal my 17" MacBook Pro. Absolutely smooth transaction and super fast payment! Would absolutely do business with him again!
    2. sahni130
      Hi Narwhal,
      I see you have responded to Chipchen. he/she is wanting to buy my macbook. I was wondering if you had any feedback about this user?

      1. SPNarwhal
        Heck, 80% of the marketplace probably has feedback about Chipchen. He's one of the "regulars" here and is nothing short of trustworthy and professional. Very nice guy and a great person in general. Really easy to work with. Have no fear.
        Mar 20, 2017
    3. needfx
      Thanks very much for offering to help out with the iphone 7 plus case!!
    4. JTravers
      Fantastic buyer!

      I sold SPNarwhal a 17" MacBook Pro, and the entire sale couldn't have gone smoother. Great communication. Fast payment. I would sell or buy from him again in a heartbeat.
    5. Mr_Brightside_@
      If that's how you felt it went down, why did you ignore all of my messages? You don't think I at least deserved a reply?
      Here is our conversation:
      "The shipping was a bit more than I expected (this was the cheaper option), so if it sounds reasonable, can we say $100 for the shirts, and then you cover the shipping for the umbrella? I know you were hoping to stay at $100 but I think that's fair. Let me know!"
      "Is the umbrella en route as well? :O"
      "Not yet! I needed a box, which I got on the way back, so I'll do my best to ship it tomorrow. It's not too heavy, awkward size though"
      "Ha. Well let me know how much it turns out to be
      Go the cheapest cheapest route!"
    6. Shanewilliams
      Yep, SPNarwhal is one of the most honest sellers on MR. I've bought, sold and traded items with him on a consistent basis for the past year and there is no one I'd rather deal with. He ships and pays on time, everytime without issue! If he says something, you can take it to the bank! #2 For MOD!
    7. SPNarwhal
      Mr Brightside sold me a bundle of items for a set price and then shipped my bundle without one of the items I paid for, he then requested I paid extra for the shipping charge of the item he neglected to combine ship with my bundle.. I am not responsible for his mistake, and the item was NOT sold to me "at cost of shipping"; the item was sold to me in a bundle.-- for some reason he thinks that since he didn't ship it to me with everything else, that I can either pay extra for him to ship me an item I already paid for, or that I can just not receive it. ?

      If I sold someone a Laptop + Hardshell Case and then forgot to ship the Case with the laptop, I wouldn't make the buyer pay me extra to ship them the hardshell case individually, nor then consider it selling them the hardshell case "for the cost of shipping"

      I am as honest as they come on here, and would NEVER not pay someone for something, but I'm not paying extra just because someone didn't ship something I already paid for.
    8. Mr_Brightside_@
      Sold SPNarwhal an item for the cost of shipping which has not yet been paid. The item was delivered May 9.
    9. Mr_Brightside_@
      Sold SPNarwhal a bunch of Apple Store apparel. Quick, smooth communication, and sent me payment within a half hour of receiving my shipping notification! Would definitely deal with again.
    10. NZed
      Sold SPNarwhal some hard drives. Made payment a breeze! Smooth communication. Recommended buyer! A+

      AND sold a MBP 15" to SPNarwhal!

      I give him another A. A for awesome.
    11. Higgs1
      Fantastic user, sold him my ipad and some cases, super smooth transaction. Great communication and an all around great experience. Hope to do business with again! A+
    12. Eckscaliber
      I have an 8GB white iPhone 4 (Verizon) I can sell you.
    13. Gen
      Bought a a hard-drive and some ram from me, paid promptly with Paypal.
    14. Duff-Man
      Hey, thanks for the easy transaction on your Nikon Flash unit in the marketplace here - pleasure doing business with you....cheers!
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