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    1. AlphaDogg
      Empty your PM box! I typed out a nice PM, but I can't send it!
    2. macuser1232
      hey do you really use linux?
    3. applefan289
      lol No I have an iPad 1 in black...will probably wait for the iPad 3 to come out. BTW if you want to play a really fun app, get Words with Friends Free.
    4. applefan289
      I currently have an iPad 1 on iOS5 and it is slow as molasses! My 4S is much faster than my first generation iPad (on iOS5). I find the camera on the 4S to be great, especially for a phone. It replaces my point and shoot Samsung camera. It's gotta feel great regardless to have a 4S! LOL
    5. applefan289
      Awesome! What color? Capacity? Carrier?
    6. applefan289
      Meh, the dirt is there either way, you're just seeing it on the white one. But mine has not gotten dirty. Either way you can't go wrong. Both white and black are good colors. But IMO white is cooler.
    7. applefan289

      White! White! White! White! White! White! White! White! White! White!
    8. applefan289
      Lovin' my iPhone!
    9. AlphaDogg
      Check my latest thread. My MBP won't boot :'(
    10. applefan289
    11. applefan289
    12. applefan289
      I agree with you on the iPad. I feel a black iPad looks better and a white iPhone looks better.

      I have to say that ever since I got my iPhone I haven't even touched my iPad.
    13. applefan289
      Yeah I may get a compressed air can.

      I feel both black and white look good, but IMO white is more pleasant and refreshing. I guess it just depends on your preference.
    14. applefan289
      No, I like my iPhone naked. As far as the screen protector, I do not have one.

      One thing that was strange is that I noticed some weird substance inside the dock charging port, but it turned out to be some lint from my pocket. After charging it (with the lint inside), it got stuck way back there. :( lol
    15. applefan289
      It could have been the other side. Who knows lol
    16. applefan289
      Lol just had my first dropped call with at&t. xD
    17. applefan289
      Haven't done a speed test yet but in one day I've already used like 10MB of data on a 200MB/month data plan!

      But that's the first day when I was using it nonstop. Usually I'll just use the wi-fi in my house and use the data occasionally when I'm out.

      BTW have to say I love the phone!
    18. applefan289
      Honestly, you can't beat it. Every time I hold it, I feel it is worth every penny.

      But apparently at&t required a $100 deposit. Don't know why. All I know is the the 4S is awesome.

      BTW, the camera is better than my current point-and-shoot. The girl that helped me did the personal setup with me, etc.

      Very good experience!
    19. applefan289
      Just came back from Boca Apple store with iPhone 4S! It's amazing! Cannot believe I've waited this long for a smartphone! OMG so excited!
    20. applefan289
      lol Sorry, I meant Chapel Trail nature reserve lol. And yeah, I'm sort of paranoid they will unbox it at the store and get fingerprints all over my phone during Personal Setup.
    21. applefan289
      Went to the at&t store in Pembroke Pines (the one in an outdoor strip mall with a Publix on the right), and they were totally sold out of the 4S! They said your best bet is to buy it through Apple.

      BTW, before that, I went to Chapel Trail - it was amazing. Definitely going back there soon with a camera (hopefully by then I'll have a 4S).
    22. applefan289
      Never mind, didn't realize tomorrow is a funeral for Steve Jobs. That's probably why they closed the store early...
    23. applefan289
      Just came back from Aventura mall. Went into Apple store for a few minutes, and when I left, they were closing the doors to the store. When I asked why, the employee said "Because of the death of someone in our family". He said they were going to a funeral.

      Pretty strange considering Apple was really busy. They didn't kick anyone out, but they weren't letting anyone else in.
    24. applefan289
      Nah, I've just decided I'll get it when I start working and have the $$. At least then, I'll have a purpose to check emails on the go. xD

      But thanks for the ideas. And how would an unlocked phone be cheaper? Wouldn't you still have to pay for data/phone with T-Mobile? I'm not sure how that would be cheaper.
    25. applefan289
      Yeah, I've decided to basically buy the iPhone if and when I'm ready. I won't be satisfied with the iPod Touch because it has inferior hardware and does not have anytime anywhere connectivity.

      If I have to have a cell phone, I would rather go with the best!
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