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  1. unilock

    macOS 10.15 Catalina on Unsupported Macs

    I tried again to make the installer, this time using El Capitan on the MacBook Pro in question. Using this new installer, I was able to get to the screen with the white-on-black Apple logo and the status bar beneath it (which would eventually be above text indicating how much time the...
  2. DHagan4755

    Waiting for the 2020 MBP

    ...the factory. Since we're only on beta 2, might there be another 10.15.1 beta out tomorrow? I'm thinking the more substantial redesign of the MacBook Pro are in the pipeline for late 2020 / early 2021. We might get an updated 13-inch MBP early next year, around March or April with 10nm Intel...
  3. B

    2014 13" Macbook Pro freezing multiple times a day

    Okay so for the last few weeks my MacBook Pro has been freezing for about 10 seconds at a time. It happens numerous times a day and I don't know why. I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6. I thought it was just the trackpad and perhaps keyboard as well but even the seconds on the menu bar clock freeze...
  4. C

    DigiTimes: 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Launch by End of October With Ultra-Slim Bezels and Scissor Keyboard

    ...battery, etc. for around $1500-2000) would VASTLY exceed the market for a $3-4k laptop for video editing, encoding, etc. Give me an ice-lake i5 with iris pro graphics. Offer a i-7/9 with a 16GB discrete quadro card for the 100 people that NEED that and a decent, big MacBook for the rest of us.
  5. G

    2018 MacBook Pros crashing with "Bridge OS" error

    My 2018 Macbook Pro crashes regularly with "BAD MAGIC! (flag set in iBoot panic header), no macOS panic log available" How do I get logs related to this?
  6. johnhurley

    Upgrading 2013/2014 Macbook Pro SSD to M.2 NVMe

    My macbook pro 2014 15 has a samsung 1 tb evo pro and can go all day losing like 25 or 30 percent of power with moderate usage. It appears all sorts of different power consumption things are going on. The 970 evo not the most efficient but dang pretty reliable.
  7. A

    iPad Pro sidecar connecting via cable

    ...indicates that a computer can charge the iPad Pro, but in the section on using iPad Pro for charging, computers are not listed as devices that can be charged. So, I'd assume that charging would be one way - MacBook Pro can charge iPad, iPad can't charge MacBook Pro.
  8. skaertus

    DigiTimes: 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Launch by End of October With Ultra-Slim Bezels and Scissor Keyboard

    The MacBook Pro is actually 15.4 inches, not 15.6. A 16-inch display would be some 8% larger, which is not a lot. We are all assuming this MacBook Pro will be much more expensive than the current offerings. In the Apple of yore, we would all assume that a 16-inch MacBook Pro would replace the...
  9. CatalinApple

    Waiting for the 2020 MBP

    Who is still using a MacBook Pro Retina Display (Mid) 2012? Mine runs well after almost 7 years. If Apple doesn't do anything about their quality/price, I will wait till fall 2020. At some point they will release a decent MacBook Pro just like with the iPhone 11 Pro but 2020 looks like the year...
  10. BroTim52

    DigiTimes: 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Launch by End of October With Ultra-Slim Bezels and Scissor Keyboard

    Who needs another MacBook Pro when we have the iPad Pro!! 😂
  11. al404

    iPad Pro sidecar connecting via cable

    with cable if MacBook has battery at 20% and iPad at 70% would the MacBook charge the iPad or viceversa?
  12. B

    Series 3 won’t update to watchos6

    Well said! Very well said...
  13. B

    Apple Releases Revised macOS Catalina Supplemental Update

    Same issues as these guys. Can anyone help?
  14. P

    16-inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Layout Concept

    Everyone that tries to make this failed argument ultimately has some huge contradiction, and you are no exception. If you're trying to use a laptop as a desktop replacement, you have no business complaining about the cost and complexity involved in trying to do that. Also, don't pretend like...
  15. teqmter

    iPad Pro Syncing

  16. R

    iPhone 11 Pro Hot spot not working

    I have had the same problem. Just like when the iPhone 5 came out.
  17. T

    Waiting for the 2020 MBP

    I would find that way too awkward - I want something that I can use comfortably in an economy aircraft seat. I think sweet spot for me would be if they kept the 15.4" screen size but shrunk in the bezels. Seems they go another way though! In fact a 14" with 32GB RAM and 8 cores would be best for...
  18. T

    16-inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Layout Concept

    ...everywhere. A neater solution, with USB-C docks and single-cable connections would have come out at closer to £500. You know, many MacBook users are using a MacBook as a desktop replacement, commuting from home to work desk (so, that's 2x every dongle/adapter/new cable you need, plus an...
  19. marco_mechanic

    Phones I Used iOS for 8 Years, Bought A galaxy Note 10+ 2 Weeks Ago

    ...iOS? I am Galaxy user from S3 and I had S3 S5 S6 S8+ S10+ and this year I bought iPhone 6S to acces my iCloud files as I am using iPad and Macbook because I cannot acces on my Galaxy to the iCloud files on desktop... I use it because it is great and I never miss a file like on other...
  20. A

    DigiTimes: 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Launch by End of October With Ultra-Slim Bezels and Scissor Keyboard

    It's not (mainly) about the display size, it's about the specs. 95%+ of consumers can't take advantage of/ don't need the 8 core 15 inch Macbook Pro either. That one costs $2.8k and "only" has 16 gb of ram and 512 gb ssd. If the new 16 inch has 32/64 gb ram, i9/ xeon processor, OLED screen and a...