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  1. VideoBeagle

    Mac Using Applescript to Color Cells in NUMBERS

    I'm trying to take a list of Color Codes and spit out a chart with the colors actually visible. I'm trying the script* in this post from the Apple Support Forums: The script worked once on a sample.. but then not again (and it didn't work quite...
  2. E

    iPhone 13 Pro What 13 Pro Color Did You Order?

    Surprised this was not yet posted for the 13 Pro models yet, and only posted for the standard 13. What color did you order for your 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max?
  3. rachit995

    AirPods Max Color Visualizer with all possible combinations

    So @AngerDanger created all 125 combinations of AirPods Max colors, so I thought of creating a tool to visualize all of them. You can try it here: Thanks, @AngerDanger for all the combinations. @Joe Rossignol
  4. apple_bg

    iPhone iOS13 IU COLORS

    i noticed that in ios13 the colors are not 'fried' like in Ios12, but beta 4 of iOS13.1 do i notice that they have returned the 'fried' 'flowers from iOS12 again or am i wrong? I don't like these fried colors at all, they strain my eyes...
  5. rmg24

    How often does Apple release new color bands?

    I was wondering, based on previous years, how long will it take for Apple to release new colors bands (and cases)?
  6. Z

    blue and green sent msg's

    In iOS9, in the Messages app when i send msgs some are coloured with a green color, others are colored with a blue and i have no clue what is the difference between those two colors, what do they stand for?
  7. V

    Twins Blocks v1.0

    Twins Blocks – is a new matching game. Train your memory! This game is more than just matching the pairs. Here you can look for three, four or even 18 same. Our game is made for true lovers of this genre. It is suitable for any age. The more you play, the better you remember! Main features: •...
  8. casperes1996

    Poll - iPhone 7 (Product)RED - Colour?

    So a lot of people have very varied opinions on whether or not Apple made the right decision with regards to making the (Product)RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have a white front, or if it should've been a black front. Let's hear it guys - what do you think? Personally, I think all white aside...
  9. R

    Universal [PROMO CODES] Colors + Shapes Matching Game

    Hi All, Here with i am listing few Promo Codes for Colors and Shapes Matching Game Only for iOS ( PLFR9E3A37HA TXAWHJY3HHYA J7RMR6LF3JJF JAJA7EK93H67...
  10. T

    New iPad Pro Case Colors?

    If this question has been asked already and I missed it, apologies. But does anybody have an idea of when Apple might release new colors for the iPad Pro silicone case and Smart Cover lineup? I love my white but a midnight blue or red would be really slick in my opinion. They have the color...