display color issues

  1. bgranz10

    Display Colors

    Hi Everyone, I have a 13" 2018 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar. I love the computer and it is my first MacBook however I've encountered some issues that have me somewhat worried. I get distorted colors on my display when updating the software. They are quick flashes of color on the screen, usually...
  2. afir93

    2018 MBP: Odd dark spots on the display

    I've had my 2018 15" MacBook Pro since August. A few weeks ago, I've noticed some somewhat darker spots at about the middle of the display. It's particularly visible with bright colors, not so much with very dark ones. It's the most visible when displaying monochrome backgrounds (i.e. a white...
  3. aka.Der

    Mac Book Pro 2017 Display error

    Hi everybody, the Display of my mac book pro shows pink, light blue and black stripes. When i nearly close it the stripes sometimes disappear. With every window I open the error on the screen looks different. Dose anybody know this error?

    iPhone XS Has anyone noticed a slight greenish hue on their XS max display?

    Or am I the unlucky one? I did a gray image test on my phone after noticing that the display has this weird greenish hue sometimes. Especially noticeable on dark grays. I know OLED has its quirks but just wanted to know if you guys think this is normal? For example, the dark keyboard when...
  5. R

    Is my MacBook Pro display defective? Why are colors washed out?

    I recently purchased a new MBP 15" and I'm noticing something very strange with the colors across apps. The display is using the default "Color LCD" profile and I haven't change anything. When I look at any webpage in Chrome or Safari, all colors appear faded/dull compared to Firefox, where...
  6. sambissett

    External display - colours inverting in full screen

    Hi All, I recently bought a Dell external display to connect to my Mid-2012 MacBook Air. It's connected via Thunderbolt/HDMI. However, whenever I play YouTube videos in full screen, the colours intermittently invert to pink and green. I am not sure how to fix this?
  7. sunlit

    iPhone X 2 iPhones X, two different displays.

    Hi, I have recently purchased an iPhone X for my wife, and then, one for myself too. Both are 256 Gb versions, one is silver, other is black. Guess what? They have very different displays: 1/ One is brighter than the other at maximum manual brightness, truetone off. 2/ They behave differently...