1. RootBeerMan

    Don’t Trust Benjamin Netanyahu on Claims About Iran’s Nuclear Program

    Last week Netanyahu trotted out his same old, tired and disproved lies about Iran and the Nuclear Deal. All of this to goad Trump into canceling it. Now, I have little doubt that Trump will cancel it, he's just that big of a fool and there are too many hawks in the GOP that will back the insane...
  2. PracticalMac

    Netanyahu faceing corruption charges.

    Netanyahu facing corruption charges. News flash, BBC here NYT, (may be paylock)
  3. RootBeerMan

    Trump told UN head Netanyahu is bigger peace obstacle than Abbas

    Finally, the dolt in chief says something that I, and much of the free world can agree with. The current government of Israel is the biggest impediment to peace with the Palestinians there is. The people of Israel really need to turn back the clock to where they were years ago with a reasonable...