1. philliez98

    Magic Keyboard Defect/Tear

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping I could get some guidance/opinion on an issue I’ve discovered with my Magic Keyboard for my 11“ iPad Pro. On the left hinge area (near the USB-C port) there seems to be some kind of bubbling or fraying. It almost looks like it could tear at some point in near future...
  2. zugi_jan0ski

    Small gap between the screen and the frame on iPhone 11?

    Hi guys. I just got my iPhone 11 a few days ago, and when I was taking off the case today, I noticed a small gap between the screen and the frame (as you can see in the picture). Does it affect the water-resistance feature? should I return it?
  3. Ted_Appleseed

    Camera Scratches - Does it Matter? Returnable?

    I found some scratches on my iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras. On the Ultrawide one, there are 2 scratches on the lens. I haven't noticed it, but likely it was scratched by the glass. I was trying to lean the phone on a glass of candle, and I clearly heard the camera scratching the glass. I wasn't...
  4. J

    iPhone heat issue

    hi everyone. My new iPhone 6 with full brightness is heating up where the ear speaker is. It is not hot but very warm there. This issue goes away when brightness is around half. Is this worth me fixing, it’s a very unusual place for heat? Thanks
  5. redneckitengineer

    iPad Pro I bought a 2018 1TB w/cell, taking it’s why.

    Well, this is an interesting post to write. Maybe I can help others in their final decision to upgrade their iPad or not. I currently have the 2017 iPad Pro, in 256gb with cellular. It’s been my only “PC” for about 8 months now. I did significant research prior to purchasing that one to ensure...
  6. D

    Other Returning iPhone with IUP: how long do you have to wait to get a new one?

    I'm on the iPhone Upgrade Program and got an XS Max on launch day. I found the phone to be too large for me and decided to return it and get an XS instead. I returned the XS Max to my local Apple Store, I got an email from Citizens One that confirmed my loan was cancelled and my credit card...
  7. njek

    Other When do the 14 days expire on retail Apple Store returns?

    Sounds like a weird question from the title, but I'm wondering when do the 14 days expire on retail Apple Store returns? I purchased on launch day (Fri), so do I have until Fri 5 to return, or is it close of play Thurs 4? If the Fri, would it be close of play? Not sure I can get to an Apple...
  8. C

    iPhone XS Is Apple now shipping Refurb/Returned XS phones as New?

    WTF is this mean: I have a launch day XS that has slight yellow tint, That came from China Foxcom facility directly to me. I ordered another to compare screen quality to make decision on which is better, This unit, that I get Saturday is shipping from Carlisle PA. I looked it up and thats a...
  9. E

    Other Xs Max, antenna and return policy

    Hi, pure theoretical for now if its proven that Xs Max has hardware issues related to antennas, will you still only be able to return it within 14 days, or will apple do some sort of arrangement? is there any history of hardware issues acknowledged and fixed free of charge? i, like lots other...
  10. - rob -

    iPhone X: In 14-day window on Apple IUP, Return 64GB for 256GB?

    I got the iPhone X on 11/3 and have enjoyed it so far. Unfortunately, I have been getting run out of space errors for the first time in years. I had previously been running a 64GB iPhone 7, so I'm not sure what's up. I am realizing that I'm taking more photos and sending more video, so perhaps...
  11. T

    Love my X, but ready to return it over the lightning adapter audio quality.

    I upgraded from a 5S, so almost everything about the X is a huge upgrade... except one major downgrade, and that's audio quality using the lightning adapter with my headphones. I'm currently using a pair of Audio-Technica MSR7NC headphones, but with the adapter music sounds less dynamic with a...
  12. S

    Return iMac to Apple instead of original seller?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? Kinda longwinded: I bought an 2017 27" iMac and due to some unusual, loud fan noise I wanted to return it and get a replacement. Compared noise with various models and made a thread here and was told to return it too. I went to the shop where I bought it...
  13. I

    Keep or Return New MacBook Pro?

    Hello everyone! I recently just purchased a new 15" retina MacBook Pro (with touch bar) and I am trying to decide if I should keep it or return it (still within 14 day return period). After reading about the possibility of it being updated at WWDC in a few weeks, I'm debating on returning it...
  14. F

    Returned Very Buggy 15" MBP w/ TB Today: Was Give a replacement No questions asked.

    Hi All, I received my 15" MBP (see below for specs) on Saturday, 12/5/16. As soon as I powered it on I knew it had issues: 1. The Touch ID button was loose and wobbled around in its socket. It eventually stopped working. 2. I deleted and then tried to re-add my fingerprints but the system...
  15. HughMabin

    TB MBP - will you use your return window?

    Are you going to make use of your return window? While waiting for the release of the new MBPs, for the past 6 months I have relied on a Surface Book machine. Now that my TB MBP arrived I thought I was going to happily switch back to the cosy and familiar macOS environment. And you know...
  16. SuperKerem

    Returned Jet Black 7+ for Gold

    After using a Jet Black 7 Plus for a week or so, I decided that the black bezel wasn't for me. Today I swapped it out for a gold model (with a white bezel, as I have had for the past 3 years) and instantly felt right at home. I must admit that the glossy exterior looks more premium, but I always...
  17. R

    iPhone Upgrade Program - Return Policy?

    Do any of you know know or understand the return policy for iPhones after exercising the upgrade. I upgraded my 6S Plus (on IUP) on Saturday to a BLACK 7 Plus (on IUP) but I would like to return it as i just got the e-mail from apple saying a Jet Black iPhone would be waiting for me at my...
  18. LCPepper

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 9.7 Screen Manufacturing Defect

    Hello everyone, I got my iPad Pro 9.7 about a week ago... It's the most fabulous thing ever, however there is an issue with it. First I noticed that the home button was a but floppy, soft, and wobbling. Then I noticed that on the bottom left, there was a gap between the black of the bevel and...
  19. Y

    Unopened color swap? SE

    The other day I went into the Verizon store to try and get my mom a basic phone. She dropped her iPhone 5S in the toilet and wanted a phone. I ended up walking out with pre orders for her and I for SE's. We had to choose the color in the moment, and I don't think my more or I will be happy with...