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    "Catching Mouse" has price drop from the $0.99 to Free. please download it for free now and share this opportunity with your friends!:D



    Hey All.

    i uploaded our first game "catching mouse" last night. it's will be vaid in app store recently . i'm glad to introduce what is it . thanks for any suggest.

    Night falls. It's pitch-dark outside, a good time for rats to move around. You are a farmer, and need to take the flashlight and all kinds of weapons to kill these crafty rats before the battery of the flashlight running out.

    It's pitch-dark. You can only use gravity induction equipment to move the ring of the flashlight to see the rats. Click the screen, shoot bullets and kill them. You need to be quick of eyes and deft of hands. It's simple, but requires hard efforts to get high score.

    *. Unique and creative playing.
    *. 12 simple passes, gradually adapting you to the role.
    *. 5 challenging modes, each specifically designed.
    *. Support OpenFient, so you can share your score with others at any moment.
    *. Provide four different kinds of weapons.
    *. Rats with different kinds of craftiness and characteristics.
    *. Simple and easy to operate.


    Twitter: @GameInLifes

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    Free now

    UP,please download and give you feedback:D

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