“Hey Siri” too sensitive?

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    So I have a HomePod in my bedroom in my apartment. Roughly 30 feet from my living room. When my iPad is right next to me or even on I’ll say “hey Siri” while using it and Every single time my HomePod starts responding to my request rather than the iPad that right next to me. I’m wondering if this is normal behavior for others. I would think the mics are detecting the volume of the incoming voice and then should tell the closest device to my voice to respond. This seems to be the way it worked before when using an iPhone and iPad. It worked flawlessly before. If my phone was in the kitchen , my iPad would always respond as it’s the closest device.

    All of this now with HomePod seems to have made “Hey Siri” pointless since HomePod always responds. I play my music at normal volumes so it would be nice to have some sort of sensitivity control.....or Apple more intelligently has the HomePod talk to the other devices like my iPhone and iPad have done all along very successfully.

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    HomePod takes over every command when in my lounge over both my iPhone and iPad when I have my Apple Watch on

    When my watch is off sometimes my iPhone responds. Still mainly the HomePod though
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    Heh, when I saw the thread title my initial thought was 'Is the OP really asking if Siri can get offended easily'? :p
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    That’s actually a feature. I can’t believe how sensitive HomePod’s mic’s are. It can hear me from across my home speaking in normal voice, with music on. It blows my mind!

    That said, Siri is supposed to prioritize responding on the HomePod unless a connected iOS device is raised like a Watch or an iPhone in which case it’ll respond there. Siri responds on my Apple Watch if I have just raised my wrist.
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    Yeah, I find that to be the case, but for me, that's not an ipediment, as I don't use Siri that much, outside of the the speaker. Plus when I do use it, I'm not in my office (where the HomePod is), so I'm good with that as well.

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