0 Volume Bug or Feature


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May 20, 2009
Ok can someone replicate this 'bug/feature'

1. Make sure the mute button is off
2. turn volume down to 0
3. touch the power button to lock the iPad

You should hear the locking click, when you slide to unlock you should hear the unlock click as well as any keyboard clicks.

Shouldnt 0 volume mean 0 volume?


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Aug 29, 2004
By default, the volume control on the iPad does not adjust "alert" sounds such as notifications or typing etc, but rather the sound from videos being played back, games, music etc. The switch at the side should mute them.

If you go to Settings > General > Sounds, you should see a "Change with Buttons" option you can turn on.

Personally, I change the switch to lock rotation rather than mute the device, and then enable the "Change with Buttons" setting.