1 2G, 1 3Gs, 2 itunes account: how to "combine it all"??

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    I just purchased a new 3Gs and still have my old 2G. My primary phone is the 3Gs. I have my son tryout the older 2Gs in the meantime. He want to check out apps especially. I still have all my original apps on the 2G (have NOT cleared the phone). Of course at this time without ATT activation (the 2G still has its original simcard though)

    Here is what we want to do for now; I will label the options for clarity:

    1. I use my 3Gs with my own iTunes account on my own Mac - I want to have son use the 2G/w-o activation on his own PC with my iTunes account (he already has iTunes installed on his Win machine, and has his own account). Possible?
    2. I use my 3Gs with my own Tunes account on my Mac - I want to have son use the 2G/w-o activation on his own PC with his own already installed iTunes account. possible?

    It seems that I had read that iTunes EITHER allows for several devices (phones for example) on ONE account, OR that a iPhone can "tap" into more than one iTunes account besides the one it has been primarily used (registered) for.

    Thank you for any advice!

    Roger T
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    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.

    With iPhone OS 3.0 you can bounce between iTunes accounts right on your iPhone, rather nice actually since in our house we use 3 iTunes accounts and I have apps from all 3 on my devices at one time. So you can have many devices with many iTunes accounts, BUT you cannot sync your device with more than one computer. Confusing, I know. Thank Apple. Each iTunes account can be authorized on up to 5 computers as well. So what you are asking is completely within the realm of possibilities.

    As for activation, the 2G should still be activated since you used it. This is exactly my case as well, I moved from a 2G to 3GS. My son (5yo) now uses my old 2G as an "iPod Touch" and watches his kid shows and plays his own games on it... he loves it.
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    To help clear it up some more, while signed into iTunes on your desktop, you can also bounce back and forth on iTunes account. this is what your son would do between his account and yours. He would sign in, and then authorize that computer for both iTunes accounts.

    iTunes and the iPhone prompt you for the correct username/password when downloading updates for apps that belong to a specific iTunes user.

    Also, I mentioned that an iPhone can only be synced to one computer. So if you have apps that are on your mac that your son wants on his iPhone, simply install them directly from the iPhone (using the same account that they were purchased from). Once you click buy, it'll say that the app was already purchased and you can download now for free. Just be sure to use the same iTunes account otherwise you'll get charged again for the app.

    AFIK, This only applies to applications and not music or movies.

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