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Sep 12, 2012
I've been sick all day so I've been home playing on my new iPhone. I am a bit obsesive when it comes to checking my data usage just to make sure somethings not wrong. Somethings definitely wrong.

I have been connected to WiFi for the entire time that I've had this phone. I checked my data usage on my Verizon a few hours ago. Since then, I have not been off wifi. I check again now and it's telling me that I've used 1.3 gb of data.

That's not even a possibility. What happened here?


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Feb 23, 2008
Wow, the carriers are gonna make bank with overages from all the iPhone 5 crowd huh :D

On a serious note, I did notice the other day (on one of my now "old" 4S) that when updating a few apps, and the WiFi dropped or went out of range, it continued (with no warning) to download over cellular. The apps weren't of the huge variety but I still used up an extra 100MB I think... (Also when WiFi came back it did not switch the download to WiFi but rather stayed on cellular!)


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Dec 27, 2010
Huntington, WV
Wifi plus cellular

The wifi+cellular didn't make it to this phone. Also, my LTE is currently turned off, so I'm working on 3G only.

I have already called Apple on this. Mine was showing 220mb of data used yesterday, yet Verizon only showed 39mb. It keeps cranking even when using wifi. On top of all that, mine started showing tethered data usage out of the blue. While I was on the phone with Apple, it reset itself to zero, then went away completely.

Obviously a bug in the counter from iOS6.

Everyone having this issue needs to call Apple. I was the first they had heard, so the more that call, the quicker they will fix it in a patch.
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