1 Hour For Advice Before New iPhone 4s Purchase!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sunsean, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Mar 27, 2012
    First, for those who don't know, there is a fairly new method of unlocking CDMA phones for GSM use (Gevey Ultra S). That said, I have a 64gb Verizon 4s unlocked via this method, running on Straight Talk (AT&T MVNO). I found a great deal on a 32GB AT&T 4s for $350. SO - should I buy the 32gb 4s (if in good condition), then sell the Verizon 64gb for $450-500 (profit)? Or keep the Verizon 64gb? Not too concerned with storage size, either 32 or 64 would be fine with me. Major question is would I notice a data speed bump (HSPA+) by using an AT&T version 4s over an unlocked Verizon 4s, since my Straight Talk service uses AT&T's network? Also, having the AT&T version would make things much simpler when updating ios later on, as the Gevey unlock must be updated with each new ios version...

    SO - should I switch to the ATT 32gb or keep the Verizon 64gb 4s? Thanks for your suggestions!

    Oh, and another point but the Gevey unlock requires the phone to be jailbroken, which would be another stick in the mud with updates later on...and really, I don't need a jb phone for other tweaks...
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    1 Hour For Advice Before New iPhone 4s Purchase!

    Definitely Right
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    Mar 27, 2012
    Lol thanks for the help, guys. Guess I wasn't too clear and a little hectic in my OP. Didn't matter in the end as the guy no-showed. So I'm happily using my 64gb at the moment.

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