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Jan 10, 2013
Dear Friends

Good day !
I'm using couple of iPhones, iPad etc.
All linked to the same iCloud account and all using legit iOS
Over the years, using google, iCloud etc to migrate contacts from older phones to new ones has landed me in a situation where many of my contacts have duplicates and triplicates (not all are duplicated, but many are)
These duplicates can be found on iCloud as well (not the situation where ONLY Mac / phone has duplicates) but duplicates in iCloud contacts as well (logged in thru browser and checked)
I *do NOT want to use third party apps* to merge my contacts. I am NOT sure if they will steal my contacts or misuse them
I know I can open one contact at a time and merge it with a similar contact on my iPhone , but that is very tiring and time consuming
So, friends, is there an easier way out ?
are there any *apple apps* or *apple settings* to handle this ?

...and the next question is , how to download the cleared / non duplicate contacts to an XL sheet or CSV file

thanks in advance
best regards
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Apr 24, 2016
I am not aware of an Apple way to do this but if you have a Mac then maybe the contacts app there has more options.

One by one at least gives you a feeling of accomplishment! Best success!
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Jul 17, 2015
I don't know how this will handle Google contacts mixed in with iCloud contacts, but if you launch the Contacts app on your Mac, there are a couple of options:

--You can select multiple cards (select one, command-select the next, etc.) and then go to Card > Merge Selected Cards (keyboard shortcut is command-shift-L).
--You can go to Card > Look for Duplicates, and the software will find cards with duplicate names or information and offer to merge them. HOWEVER...the function does NOT give you a list of the duplicates, or give you an opportunity to review them one by one, or otherwise mark them or summarize them after merging. You either accept the merge or not.

Hope this helps address your issue!
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