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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Solafaa, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Jul 15, 2004
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    I got my first apple a long time ago (+10 years). I soon switch to the pc and only got an apple a year ago.

    It was a G4 powermac i like it but soon gave up and sold it to a friend for same price because he was useing it with me at the time. He alwas told me how much it was better but i gave it little thought. It soon came to me that i needed a laptop, i looked at dell, acer, toshiba and ibm. They all looked the same. I wanted a laptop that i switch on, do my work and switch it of. I did not want to worry about a vires attack, hackers or it freezing every day. I did a little research and thought i will give apple another try since my friend tells me so many good things about it.

    I went to an apple store and looked around, i talked to the guy there who recomended a P)B for me. I got me a PB 15" and fell in love with it. I kid you not that i would spend hours infront of it watching movies, chating and going to forums. I loved it so much. I had a car accedent and had teh laptop got some bumbs so i exchanged it for another 15" PB. I sold that to another friend because i i liked the iBook better and since i am not doing anything that nees extra power i thought that it ok.

    I liked the iBook even more, i liked how the keyboard felt, how everythign is on the left (usb, firewire) and was easy to accsess.

    3 Months ago i added an office insted to my house, so that i could do some work and well keep important stuff in order. I thought long and hard to what i should get so i decided to go with an iMac. I used it for 1 week when my friend (best friend) feel inlove with it and wanted it. I sold it to him after i orderd a G5 with 4GB RAM and 23" display, OMG its a monster. I do work, watch movies and play games on it. I used to have a gaming PC but last time i used it was 2 months ago. I am in love with the mac so much.

    What i am trying to say is that the mac has really changed my life, i have all my songs on my computer and ipod. I have all my pictuers from many trips on it, i make home movies of trips. I scaned over 2,000 pictuers for my friends and burned them on cd's for them. The mac has really changed how i work and use computers, i could never do what i do on a mac with a pc.

    Thanks Apple.

    I am a loyal supporter and will alwas be so.

    p.s. dont ask me how many apples i sold to my friends, lol because of me there are 8 peopel who never knew of apple using them : )

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