10.1.5- need help- running crappy!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by flyfish29, Mar 25, 2004.

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    My brother daughter has an iMac running 10.1.5 and we want to know if there are permissions to fix in that version of OSX. My brother couldn't find anything on permissions but he found something on priviledges? Whats the deal.

    They don't use any classic apps, only OSx. They zapped the PRAM. They are having basic problems with things crashing, etc. It has 256 MB of RAM, the iMac is a couple of years old- don't know processor speed though. The computer has a 40 GB hard drive which is almost maxed out. Is that the big issue here? I told him I thought it was- and that she needed to dump some of her iMovie projects to free up some space. Am I right? Would OSx run crappy if the hard drive is getting maxed out? I think she only has 600mb of space left.

    Is there anything else as far as maintence they should be doing to keep OSx running smooth.

    Any ideas or help here would be apppreciated.
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    As with any operating system, >10% of the HDD should be left for dynamic system functions.
    Try formatting the HDD and reinstall OSX.

    BTW, 40GB is definitely marginal for video editing; I have 80GB and 60GB HDD in my Powermac, and I still occasionally run low on space while working with video.
    A large external Firewire Drive would be a good investment for video work.
    You might also look into upgrading to Panther;
    some of the stability issues may be inherent to 10.1.5

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