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Mar 12, 2019
So after many hours of trying, looking for answers, becoming a drunk
I finally solved my issue...
My "early 2011 MBP' has a 750Gb hd, which as about 4 partitions.
I'm not an expert with Mac, but getting better...
I have 2 partition that are Os 10.13.6 one at the begining of the HD one at
the end. this does cause some issues when trying to remove, or resize .
My problem started when my "Active" partition started to become corrupted
and I wanted to reinstall the OS... but I could not reach the recovery server, which
I stated below... Anything I tried did not work.. not even trying to make a bootable
USB drive...
I solution came in the form of "Carbon Copy" I copied my backup Os partition to
my primary partition and rebooted... done..
Now I even have connection to the App server
My next step will be to remove my backup Os partition and make it larger
then Carbon Copy the Os back to that.. so I have a bootable backup.. TM does not
allow for booting... Also I'll put both the partitions with the Os on them as
1 and 2 both at the begining of the HD... and finally do a clone to an external
drive... I should be covered..
I saw that over 300 persons read my earlier post, but I only had one reply
and I want to thank that person..
It seems everytime I run into a problem with Mac..my mind goes bacck to
OS2... most of you have never heard of it or used it..
Thanks again

I am starting to have problems with High Sierra
programs not opening, Safari very slow when typing, can not open site in Safari,
I can not connect to the apple server via Apps store, or any other option, to reinstall High Sierra
I have the "install" OS X on my HD, but still can not connect to apple server...
I think I need to reinstall the OS,
I have had a reply from Apple via email letting me know they will contact me.. that was 2 weeks ago
I even went to best buy to have High Sierra reinstalled... they wanted $150.00 to do that..
any ideas on how to proceed
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