10.15.3 Mail


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Feb 9, 2003
like others, i have lost email due to apple's carelessness in pre-de-bugging its macOS Mail app.

but yesterday i took a chance on seeing if macOS 10.15.3 was stable enough, and did a sequence of applying some of my Mail rules that moves mail to various local folders on my mac.
in all cases, mail was not lost after i applied these mail rules.
from 10.15 through 10.15.2 mail could be predictably "lost" when i applied these same rules.

this time, in 10.15.3, although mail was not lost, it took a really long time for the mail to eventually show up in the anticipated folder.
like so much time that i actually closed mail (after about 3 minutes) after the mail didn't appear (except for the header info) .
but the next time i opened mail the mail was there. and its several attachments were also there.

i can't imagine anything that would take local device processing time to the extent that requires already downloaded mail to be simply moved to different folders taking over 3 minutes.
so there is definitely still weirdness going on.
but its managing through the process better than the earlier versions, and capable of not losing mail.

im optimistic.


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Feb 22, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ever since upgrading to 10.15 I have experienced difficulty in keeping my Flagged Messages mailbox active. In the past all I had to do was "flag" a message and it was added to the mailbox. That is still true, but at least 2 or 3 times a week the mailbox either disappears from my sidebar or shows an incorrect number of messages (I have 29 flagged messages and the the mailbox indicates there are only two flagged messages) and I have to click on a flagged message to get it to reappear. Anybody else experiencing this and have you found a solution?


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Feb 4, 2020
I have a problem with configuration of my mail account. I want to configure my G-mail adres, I can not log in with mail app of iOS Catalina.


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Feb 4, 2020
Problem solved. I did expel the other e-mail accounts. Eventually I could log in. I want to test out how good the mail app is for iOS Catalina. I have multiple mail accounts.


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Jul 7, 2008
Working ok here so far - but a bit hesitant before things (body etc) appear after moving the item to a different mailbox. Strange.


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Apr 8, 2008
I just upgraded two of our Macs from Sierra to Catalina 10.15.3. Because of these known Mail issues in Catalina we checked all messages (some POP accounts; up to 2500 messages) and all are intact!

Now I'm still a bit worried before upgrading our 3rd Mac, because there are >20 Mail accounts (mostly POP, some IMAP), >50k messages with lots of attachments and many Mailboxes "On My Mac"...

Could it "help" to use Sierra Mail's Rebuild function for all the mailboxes before upgrading? (Even though there aren't any problems at the moment, just as a precaution, to prepare as good as possible for the Catalina upgrade!)

What does Rebuild actually do? Will I get a report when it's ready? Could it also make things worse?
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