10.4.8 ; Mac Pro ; Grey Curtain of Death.


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Aug 26, 2006
I have a mac pro, 2.66 GHz setup 1 Gigabyte of Ram, booting of a RAID10 volume. (4x250 gig drive, A stripe of mirrors)

When I install 10.4.7 from the discs, the setup works. On the first reboot after I install 10.4.8 from the Internet , the grey window appears, the wheel spins briefly then I get the grey curtain of death before.

This is the second time I have installed 10.4.8 and this has happened.

I'd like to know:
a) If anybody else's system crashes on 10.4.8?
b) If the Apple Software RAID is a common factor in these systems?
c) If anybody has found a work-around?

The only thought for my next step is to install 10.4.8 on a single boot partition, see if the system still crashes, (and if it doesn't, can it access the raid-10 partition).




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Oct 2, 2006
Atlanta, GA
At work we were told not to update to 10.4.8 because it was buggy. They told us this yesterday, my Mac pro at home updated all the software when i first connected it, and i didn't notice 10.4.8 among all the other updates. No problems here with it so far.


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Aug 9, 2006
I updated to 10.4.8 when it came out and have had no problems with the update on my Mac Pro.


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Sep 18, 2004
Software RAID

I went through the exact same thing and its all related to software raid. You have to remember one thing: Apple does not support booting from RAID AT ALL. Even though it does let you do this.

The solution to your problem is to install 10.4.7 onto another drive, then download the update run it, but direct it to your raid disk.

Hopefully one day Apple will actually support the hardware RAID thats already built into all the Mac Pros chipsets.