12” MacBook+Caldigit dock = Problem!

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    So... the setup is rather simple: 12” MB (2016) >> Caldigit USB-C Dock >> Dell 2515H through mDP. This has worked very well since last October.

    Suddenly, around a month ago, the monitor began to go into constant power saving mode, and we also noticed that the MacBook isn’t charging anymore. We’ve tried all the obvious software updates, reconnected everything a bunch of times, but no good. When the MacBook is connected directly to the monitor with an HDMI adapter it works well, no issues.

    Caldigit support suggested we swap the cable. We tried an Anker one, made sure it is USB-C 3.1 without success. We got a brand new Caldigit dock just to rule that out, but to our surprise that didn’t work either!

    We’re starting to run out of ideas... Any advice on what to try next?! Has anyone with the Caldigit dock encountered something similar?


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    Mar 21, 2014
    A preface, with its last OSes and some .1 updates Apple has been tightening it's compliance with DisplayPort. To illustrate, with the 10.9.3 update my late-2013 15" rMBP went from being able to drive one external 4k display to driving two external 4k displays @4k @60Hz plus the internal display at full res @60Hz. That written, the last two OS updates modified several directories in the Displays Overrides folder (I check this stuff after updates), and I noticed that the Dell Overrides folder was one of the folders that was modified (/System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides - the "DisplayVendorID-10ac" named folder). A couple of my Dell P2715Q displays started having issues with the last (not latest) update. A reset of the displays (with the OSD Menu) and powering down both the Mac and display, disconnecting the display and power from the display for 30+ seconds, reconnecting all of the relevant power cord and cables, and powering everything back up - no issues since.

    Next, reset the Mac's PRAM/NVRAM, in which the Mac's display resolution(s) is (are) stored.

    A comment. Last October I RMAed several P2715Q displays under warranty. Two bits, the refurb units performed much better and, IMO more importantly here was that Dell also demanded the return of all of the cables/cords, and included new cables and cords with the replacement displays. The original mDP>DP cables were not compliant with VESA's specs and - I checked - returned power over Pin 20, which can fry hardware in both computer and display. Dell's new replacement mDP>DP cables did comply with VESA, and they also included a shielded USB 3.0 cable for the hub in the displays. I had switched to compliant cables from StarTech, Belkin, and Accell and have had zero issues since, and I recommend the same on your end. Anker does not make any cables that comply with VESA standards AFAIK, and if you're using an older Dell cable I offer that you swap it out ASAP.

    Last bit, like any computer's preferences files, the preferences files in the Overrides folder can get corrupted. Apple includes a bunch of them, I just delete those that I don't need on a Mac though I'm not recommending that here. My last tip would be removing the Overrides folder for Dell displays (the 10ac folder) - you'll need to do this from an Administrator's account and restart your Mac. Keep in mind that your Mac will create an DisplayID Overrides file for each means of connecting even a single display - connecting as you are will create an override, connecting directly with a cable will create a second override, connecting directly with an HDMI cable will create another override. If you are not using VESA compliant devices and cables, the DisplayID data is not being negotiated as VESA intended - I have zero issues with some 60 Macs and PCs (this isn't just a Mac thing...) since swapping to the proper cables.
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    Thanks - a very informative post! So to summarise, are you suggesting I delete the override folder for Dell (e.g. 10ac), and change the DP>mDP cable? I've done the PRAM/SMC resets already...
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    Mar 21, 2014
    Yes, and also reset the display - the FW inside contains information about the computers it connects to. You have at least two DisplayID configurations stored in the relevant folder - one through the CalDigit device and one related to the HDMI connection.

    Good luck!
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    Have you tried to Reset PRAMM because in the past it could reset USB ports!

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