12 " + 17 or 19" monitor or 15 " powerbook -- which to buy

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    Sep 13, 2003
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    I need some advice

    I'm contemplating getting a 12" powerbook plus a 17" or possibly even 19" monitor or a 15" powerbook with larger monitor several months from now

    The purpose that i need this computer is Final Cut Pro editing -- MiniDV work and photoshop manipulation on the go, along with word processing for class and taking it to lectures with me to take notes.

    The 15 inch alone is also almost $1000 CDN more then the 12" and monitor combo.

    Price aside, which isn't to say isn't a determining factor

    i don't know which would be the better purchase, my biggest concern about the 12" is that although i plan on using it with a monitor when doing final cut pro work, i also plan on doing a lot of mobile work because i hate being stuck in my house

    can anyone help me in making this decision

    i'm currently running a 400 mhz G4 with 10 gig ATA and 20 gig SCSI drives with 17" monitor. I havn't decided what i'm gonna do with this system yet. But mobility is becoming a big issue.


    --- if clarity is needed to any of the points please to not hesitate to post a message about it, as it is late in the night here and my ability think and write in a logical manner is not as good as during the day--

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