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12" MacBook (Early 2016) users, a Q for you!-- Best monitor option?


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Aug 27, 2017
Hi! Before anything, thanks for any input, as I am in dire straits when it comes to purchasing a new monitor for lightweight coding, server maintenance and personal usage at home.

The LG ultrafine is out of question because I can't find it in my country.

So there's only a somewhat limited selection of different monitors, but non of them possess usb-c connection, (I only found a BenQ EX3203R 31.5 but I am not sure if it will fit my tasks as I need)

I'm in love with Dell monitors, as they are cheap and sleek, but none of the ones I find here have USB-C.

So my question us, should I purchase an HDMI dongle? Having a RMB and a 13"MBP, I need something that either charges the laptop as well. Any ideas?

I've googled to no avail, but my biggest fear is, will I have display issues? I've read enough about some older Macbooks –like mine– having issues and artefacts when using an HDMI adapter. So my question to you Macbook 12" users is, what do you use as an external monitor that works?

I don't need nothing super DPI fancy, as I only use mostly a terminal console. Thanks!
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May 14, 2020
Hdmi/power to usb-c dongle works ok. The only issue you'll have is that if you want to run anything higher than 1080p you might need to drop the refresh rate to 50/30hz for 1440p/4k monitors. That's ok for web browsing and videos through.


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Aug 10, 2006
I'm in the same boat here. My MacBook screen is defect and need to connect to a screen. Seen dongles where you can charge, USB and even connect the screen little pricey but apple makes them
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