12inch Powerbook Disassembled


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Jan 28, 2003
Titled "How To Void A Warranty In 60 Seconds".

Anyhoo, at least now I can see where the third speaker is…I just hope he’s as good at putting it back together as he is taking it apart…


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Jul 17, 2002
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Translation help...

Originally posted by evoluzione
some interesting translations in watson of the caption text.....
Can someone post up a couple of translations - I cannot get acces to Watson right now:

1 - on p5 - why has he drawn red circles around 2 bolts near the processor - does this mean that it could be upgraded in the future?

2 - on p4 - I may be being dumb, but what is the seemingly empty black space in the front, right corner of the PB - is this a spare HD bay?

If I'm being dumb about these things, flame away, otherwise, help away!!



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Dec 30, 2002
Pasadena, CA
that is one crazy dude. I couldn't believe he pretty much took apart every single thing in the precious powerbook... That's a lot of guts... I hope he was able to piece it back together. Otherwise, he just has a bunch of crap.


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Apr 29, 2002
For people working in the electronics industry this is not such a bald move as it seems. Rule 1: don't drink too much coffee. Rule 2: work on a big table with lots of space to put all the nuts, bolts and parts in order. Rule 3: use good ESD protection. Rule 4: take your time.

An experienced worker can take apart AND put back in order such equipment without voiding the warranty. Even without showing that it has been taken apart (as long as there are no on-way seals on it).

I almost always take apart my equipment before warranty has expired. How can I learn to design better products myself if I don't have the opportunity to learn from the latest and greatest stuff from others?


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Nov 4, 2002
Actually, Kodawarisan wasn't the first to disassembly the new Powerbook G4 12-inch and publish the pictures on Web - The credit should go to Foxman, who gives the detailed instruction in English (Kodawarisan reported on his site back on 01/26/03)


1 - on p5 - why has he drawn red circles around 2 bolts near the processor - does this mean that it could be upgraded in the future?
No, these two screws (not bolts) gave them headaches when they disassembled the machine, that's all.


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Nov 20, 2002
If you know what you are doing and you are patient it isn't difficult. I took my iBook apart within a week to yank the board and take it to work to have someone to rearrange some resistors.

I commend the effort and encourage more of it for qualified folks.
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