13" 3.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 or 15" 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7


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Mar 12, 2011
Hi All,

Which is better for me ?

I will use Adobe CC, web browsing and Xcode in daily use.



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May 3, 2009
Better is subjective.

My opinion is the the 15" is better because you get a 15" screen, i.e., more screen real estate. A dGPU, and a quad core processor. Plus you get 16GB standard.

Whether that's something you want, is really up to you.
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Jan 23, 2017
IIRC, the multicore performance of the new 2017 MBP dual cores now are roughly comparable to your 2011 MBP in terms of benchmarks, where as the MBP dual core CPUs of the last half decade+ have not. With certain tasks, the performance difference between my 13 and 15 is most dramatic. Where as my 13 is a great mobile machine, my 15 is my workstation, and my 13 could not do a good job filling the roles of my 15 if it needed to be my primary machine.

If your work is CPU-heavy and this is your main system, I would personally lean towards the 15-inch because, 1) you are already accustomed to the performance of the quad core CPU maintaining technical relevancy for an extended period, 2) if you do not often use an external display, you may find the extra screen real estate is an asset for certain developmental work, 3) I feel it is likely that future versions of OS X will place more emphasis on GPU offloading (so if it were me I would also get the 560 dGPU upgrade), 4) You kept your last machine for 6 years so getting more performance now could potentially equate to a longer service life. This is all my personal opinion, of course.


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Nov 3, 2011
SF Bay Area
If you are using things from CC like Premier and Photoshop I would opt from the 15". You want for the extra screen real estate and the quad core performance boast.


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Jun 5, 2014
CC is mostly a single core-heavy set of apps so the higher clock speed will benefit you (3.5ghz i7 in the 13")

Compiling in xcode- the quad core is a world of difference.

web browsing- won't make much difference in general use but more RAM and the quad core will be better for lots of tabs and the quad core is easier when watching 8K videos on youtube haha

so out of the 3 categories, 2 of them are quad so go for the quad


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Jul 14, 2015
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The 2.8GHz 15" model would be your best bet. Even though you would be sticking to the 15" form factor, you would shave 1.58lbs (0.71kg) in weight, so it's still a win for you portability-wise and it will last a lot longer from a computing perspective. I still use my late-2011 15" MBP daily and with 16GB or RAM and a 1TB SSD (Crucial MX300), it keeps up just fine with day to day computing. Theoretically, you should get a solid 5 years of use out of a mid-2107 model and you can always add an eGPU at a later date. I would get at least the 512GB SSD, though and skip the 256GB base model. Reiterating what poematik13 wrote, if you are using Xcode daily, you are going to want those cores and the standard 16GB of RAM.