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13” pro 2020 vs 15” pro 2018


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Sep 22, 2020
Hi there,

Just about to splash the cash on a new macbook as my 2013 air isn't quite punching as hard.

I'm torn between a new 2020 13 inch pro, base model with extra storage or a 512 15 inch 2018 pro bought form Ebay. They’re the same price

My main uses would be Logic pro, Matlab, and occasionally light gaming - A thing to consider is I have aPC as a main workstation.

Other things to consider:

They're around the same price in the UK.
The New keyboard is "much" better.
Battery will be better in the newer device.
Free airpods as a student with the new mac (i'll sell them for cash back).

is the old keyboard really that bad ? Is that why their cheap now

Thanks for reading, any help will be appreciated.



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Sep 11, 2006
The new Macbook Pro 13' is a great machine, I just bought one myself. The old keyboard has tons of stories where keys become unusable after dirt get in there.


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Sep 5, 2020
I agree with Gibson. I have had the new 13" MBP for a month. Sweet computer! No keyboard issues.


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Sep 14, 2009
Just commenting cos you’re a fellow Brit.

I bought a MBAir recently, £770 from Tobydeals UK (HK). Took a few weeks to come, Apple were quoting 10 days delivery at the time.

Quite the upgrade from my old faithful 2011 MBP 13”.

People slate Tobydeals, but I’ve bought two iPads from them previously,great prices, without issue.

May be worth looking at Tobydeals for a new MBP?


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Jun 13, 2016
The 13" is the better bet. The keyboards on the last generation Macs are going to cause those things to drop like a rock in value. Also, simply having the improved keyboard is a huge daily benefit over any mac made between 2016 and 2019. I had a 2016 13", and I had to get the keyboard completely replaced 3 times with the last being in December. When apple announced the arm transition, I picked up a 2020 almost immediately in order to have a stable work machine for the foreseeable future. Every once in a while I use the 2016 for a couple minutes, and after getting accustomed to the new keyboard, I absolutely cannot believe that I managed with that **** keyboard for 4 years.
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