13inch MBP iris vs 15 MBP Radeon + Dual and Quad for my uses? Help?


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Jun 10, 2007
North Hollywood, CA
Right now i am on a 2011 2.0ghz quad core i7 16gb ram and ssd.

I was approved for 2000 apple credit and was gonna drop the extra 1500 and get the 15 inch but i kinda am liking the portability of the 13.

How does the dual core i7 3.0 in the 13 inch compare to the quad core i7 in my 2011 and also to the quad core i7 in the 15? Also are the new 15 inches must thinner than my 2011 with dvd drive? they dont look much thinner in the pictures. At least I cant tell. Also how are the intel iris graphics on the 13inch? are they suitable for photoshop lightroom and final cut since they are integrated? I will never be doing 3d model rendering or anything like that.

I am doing mostly lightroom and photoshop and music production. I will most likely do some light video editing and gaming but not really sure yet at this point.

Apps I use

Ableton Live


Oct 10, 2013
Lr and Ps will work fine with the 13" but keep the smaller screen in mind.

I would strongly consider getting a 2015 15" rmbp.


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Apr 20, 2014
Off the top of my head but I think your trading down to very similar power, gaining single threaded performance but losing multithreaded. I would look into this carefully, as it seems like your just trading form factors, and that's a lot of money basically to get similar power.

Also going from a 15 inch non-retina to a 13 in retina as well. Thats' going to be more a matter of comfort and portability.

You'll gain on battery life for sure, network card, and get usb 3.

Why do you want to trade up?
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