15" PB vs. 12" PB

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  1. minipoduser macrumors newbie

    Jan 6, 2004
    I'm looking for a PB to complement my G5 - i.e., use it around the house but not for a lot of travel. Also, for iPhoto, iTunes, etc. - I use Photoshop on the G5, but will probably use the PB from time to time for uploading from digital camera and for film scanning. Also, for heavy Word use when I'm not at the G5.

    I'm deciding between the 12" PB and the 15" PB and would appreciate the pros and cons of each (I assume (hope) that the 15" quality control issues are now past us). My big concern about the 12" is whether there is enough screen size so that I don't feel jammed while working with Word and surfing the web. My wife, who will also be using the PB, likes the smaller form factor (coolness factor) of the 12" but would go with either.

    I couldn't get a real feel for the 12" vs. the 15" in the Apple Store - I'd probably have to spend a few hours on it doing real stuff - something that you can't do at the store (esp. with a line of people behind you <g>).

    Finally, are there still uncomfortable heat issues with the 12"? Also, do you recommend more than the 40gig standard hard drive - or a larger drive?

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Feb 19, 2003
    DC area
    I personally have the 12" (revB, 1GHz), and find it good for my needs. Safari open in one window, Word open in another, switching between the two is easy. I have no uncomfortable heat issues with the palmrests or the bottom of the unit (nor anywhere else), and have had no other problems with it (once I got a working airport card the first day.)

    Either way, you'll want to upgrade the RAM as soon as feasible, putting in a 512MB unit does wonders for under $100.

    I find that I would have problems with a bigger powerbook as I tend to have the powerbook on one leg as I'm sitting, and a pile of papers and books (or a cat) that I'm paying attention to at the same time. I suppose I could move one or the other, but it works for me:)

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