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16" MacBook Pro in Clamshell Mode to 27" S271HL Acer Display not working


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Original poster
Jul 5, 2020
I purchased a 16" MacBook Pro a month ago with a CalDigit HDMI Mini Dock directly from Apple. I have a Acer S271HL Display that works fine until I close the cover on my MacBook and try to put it in Clamshell Mode and across the display reads "Input Not Supported". I hooked it up the same way to a HDMI TV that I own and clamshell mode works perfectly. I have reset PRAM and SMC and a few different adapters and they do not fix problem. I then hooked up my 2010 MacBook Pro through a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter and it works perfectly in clamshell mode to the Acer Display and that MacBook is on its last leg. Anybody have any ideas?
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