17" CRT Apple display with Powerbook- URGENT

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    Apple support could not answer this question, so hopefully someone knows from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I have an Apple display 17"CRT with ADC connector and am buying a Powerbook- will it work with the ADC-DVI connector? Alexf- I know you posted earlier that it would not, but I got a different answer from 2 apple techs today who said "yes", and 1 who said "no" so I though I'd try again.

    I have to pay off my powerbook tommorrow, or cancel the order, so it's VERY URGENT. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. if it won't work with the adapter, how else can I get it to work?
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    You want to use the DVI-ADC converter to connect to the old studio display? They're not ADC, so you don't need the DVI-ADC connector. You need a DVI to VGA connector, which comes in the box and works fine.

    The 'no' answer you received was right, but kinda ignored what your real intentions are.
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    The DVI-ADC connectors are designed to pass through the digital signal.

    The 17" CRT ADC Studio Display is a VGA monitor with an ADC connector.

    It needs the analog signal, and a lot of the DVI-ADC convertors don't work with this orphaned analog ADC arangement -- they're designed to work with the common digital signal.


    If you want a similar model of CRT screen the Mitsubishi's Diamondtron aperture-grille CRTs come in simple VGA.
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    I don't KNOW the answer, but I know there is one. I just saw a hookup like that at a buddy's house last week, but he is out of town so I can't ask what he used.
    Have you tried any Dr. Bott products?
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    No...I'll check them out. Thanks guys for your help- you were all right about the actual signal being analog- what disgusting marketing by Apple- I seriously thought I was buying an ADC digital monitor 3.5 years ago. I feel cheated- worst of all- the Apple Care support techs told me it would work- man I would've been pi$$ed if I'd bought everything and it didn't.

    Anyway, the reason I want to use this monitor with the powerbook is because it still kicks the LCD monitors' a$$ when it comes to color and picture quality. I am waiting for the next revision of the LCD's, and didn't want to be stuck with a little 15" screen with crappy color (powerbook) for a few months. If you could ask your friend, I'd really appreciate it- I wouldn't mind spending 50-100 bucks to keep this CRT for a few more months. THANKS!
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    Nope won't work

    My brother just went through the exact same thing today when his new powerbook 1.5 arrived. He bought the apple ADC- DVI cable ($99) which does not work with the Aplle Studio Display 17' CRT monitor.
    (read #2 under NOTES)
    Spent hours on the phone w/ Apple Care and took the monitor and powerbook to the local Apple store. In so many words the Apple Genius' said you're SOL. We talked to about 6 different people (at the store and on the phone) and many were clueless- Having no idea that Apple made a CRT with a ADC plug. They kept saying that it HAD to be a VGA plug. Well Apple did, and it doesn't work with the powerbook. Tried third party companies ie www.gefen.com -had lots of adaptors but not one that would work. Also tried http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/DVI_monitor_cables.html . . . .nothing You'll need to buy a new monitor or send back your PB. Good Luck
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