17 days sense I ordered my iPhone 4, but AT&t says its only been 3? FML

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by appleistheshiz, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Jul 15, 2010
    So let me give you some background info on how hard I worked at getting this iPhone 4. (Yes this will be somewhat of a rant, but I'd also like some of your advice.)

    I'm 15, and my family and I have been with T-mobile for 8 years now. My mom is a completely dedicated customer to T-mobile. She is the most stubborn person I have ever met in my life. She's also on menopause which does not help at all to my situation. It is almost impossible to change this woman’s mind on anything at all.

    So I got an iPhone 2g like a month after it came out in 2007, and unlocked it for T-mobile. (Yes it cost me $500 but it was worth it, if you’re wondering where I get my money, it's not from my parents at all, if you'd really like to know just ask and I'll make a thread or something.) Ever sense I bought that iPhone I have been wanting to get the next new one that came out but just couldn't motivate myself to buy that ridiculous price you would have to pay without the contract. So finally when I watched the keynote on the new iPhone 4 I decided I had to get it. But I didn't want to blow $600 on it to get it without the contract and unlock it for T-mobile. So I decided I have to convince my mom to go to AT&T. But how?

    I decided I had to be fully prepared before bringing up the subject to my mother. So I spent hours of the day getting information together. I went online, looked at how much it'll cost us a month, how much each phone will be ect. ect. I went to the AT&T store many times (yes I'm only 15 so that did mean I had to walk like 2 miles) and got more information from them. After printing off over 50 pages of information, ranging from online conversations with AT&T/T-mobile representatives, to the shopping cart I built online, I learned we could save money by going to AT&T with our 5 family plan. I finally decided it was time to consult my mom on my idea.

    I waited a couple days, being as kind as I could be those days, and finally found one where she was in a good mood. I sat her down at the table and laid everything out in front of her. I got only two words out until she realized what I wanted to do. She flipped out and just yelled at me for like 10 minutes. Normally I would retaliate and yell back but knew I couldn't in this situation, so I just walked upstairs not saying anything. I came back down in an hour when she was cooled off I begged her to just hear me out, without her saying anything. She said okay. And I was so surprised she said that. So finally sitting her down and showing her every little detail she said she would think about it. I thought to myself 'I'M IN!' You have to understand that is a huge accomplishment. The next day she talked to AT&T herself and learned I wasn't lying and that we would be saving money. But, there was a $200 dollar termination fee we'd have to pay to get out the contract with T-mobile, so the only way to get my iPhone 4 was if I paid it. So I said okay, I'll pay it. Finally she completely agreed to the idea, and we called AT&T.

    Now is when the real story comes in about AT&T. We talked to a sales representative from AT&T setting up our phones/plans we wanted with AT&T. We were able to get free shipping and no activation fees on any of the phones, even the 2 iPhone 4's (my sister decided to get one, and I would definitely call next time you order a phone from a carrier because like I just said, they can waive the $36 activation fee.) We talked to the guy, and I asked when our iPhone 4's would ship out (this was on the 28th, the day the iPhone 4 came out for AT&T) he said sense we were ordering so early that day; they would ship out that day. I thought to myself 'no way, but that would be sick'. So after buying everything and hanging up the phone, I was just waiting for the confirmation email (this was on June 28th). It was 8 at night and the email still hasn't come. I called back and they said just wait until tomorrow, it will come and we will ship the iPhone's that day. So I did and the email still hasn't come. I gave it one more day and it finally came. I replied giving all the correct information. I called AT&T and asked when it would ship out again, they said that day it would, just wait for the shipping information email. So I did and again it turned 8 at night and still hadn't come. So I called back and another guy said 'just wait a couple days, it will come' so I said okay. I waited 3 days, no email. I called for like the 6th time and another guy said 'oh it’s going to be 5 days' I'm like WTF? Okay... So again, I waited 5 days. No email, what a surprise. I called back and they said 'oh it’s going to be 7-14 days' I'm like 'really? You said it would ship out that day' but they continued to say 7-14 days. So now I waited 15 more days and completely ranted out on one of the guys. He said just keep waiting, but for the inconvenience he sent me $75 off on our first month bill. So I thought sweet, that’s cool. But then I waited 2 more days, so it’s been 17 days sense I ordered the phone (present day) and I called back. I finally got a legit guy who knew what he was doing and was able to get me to talk to like someone very high up. After talking to him for almost an hour he told me the most dreadful news ever.

    So I guess what was taking so long was because AT&T had to work with T-mobile to port our numbers. And I guess T-mobile wouldn't port them until July 12th. 3 days ago. So now the guy said that according to AT&T the order has only been processing for 3 days, sense the 12th (it’s the 15th now) and not actually 17 days, when we really ordered it June 28th. So now I have to wait 7-14 days sense the 12th. So the earliest I could get it is on the 19th, which is almost a month sense I actually ordered it.

    So to sum it all up it’s like this:
    Ordered the phones/plan-------------------June 28th
    Got confirmation Email for iPhone 4's--------June 30th
    Order actually processed/numbers ported-- July 12th
    Estimated wait time-----------------------July 19th-26th

    What do you guys think really happened? Do you think that’s really what took so long was porting the numbers? Any advice? Were brand new customers to AT&T and there all ready doing this to us.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. aohus macrumors 68000

    Apr 4, 2010
  3. appleistheshiz thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2010
    Cliff notes:

    -convinced my mom to go to AT&T to get the iPhone
    -ordered phones, people said it would ship out that day
    -waited 17 days and learned it wasn't processed until 3 days ago
    -now i have to wait another 7-14 days sense ordering the iPhone 4
    -earliest i can get the iPhone 4 is 21 days after i actually ordered the phone
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    Feb 5, 2007
    State of Denial
    I'll hand it to you, for a 15 year old you are able to formulate sentences and use punctuation and paragraphs.

    At the same time when you said your mother was "on menopause" I lost it.

    Advice for getting advice, you need to slim that novel down. The attention span here is very short (Speaking for myself at least)

    Bottom line, 21 days might be the difference of you getting an updated version of the iPhone without the deathgrip issue. Consider it blessing in disguise.
  5. ToroidalZeus macrumors 68020


    Dec 8, 2009
    You shouldn't have put the port request with the order, it just makes things more messy. Plus you can always port the number over after you got the cell phone (even with the number it came with)
  6. appleistheshiz thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2010
    well i thought the porting process would not even take like a minute for them to do.
  7. Blaenk macrumors member

    Feb 2, 2009
    I didn't read the entire thing, but it seems like you are experiencing some delays. If you keep up with macrumors and other iPhone news, you'll know that there's lots of delays everywhere right now, it is rumored that there is a revised, antenna problem fixed version of the iPhone. If such rumors are true (We will most likely know tomorrow during the press conference), then you should be grateful that you will be receiving the new, fixed version :)
  8. mrfriggz macrumors member

    Feb 23, 2010
    You write very well for a 15 year old!

    I am, however, surprised by how long it is taking to get your phone(s). I ordered that day from AT&T online right when the website came back up (~12:15am), and I received my phone 48 hours later.

    Is your mom upset that the phones haven't arrived yet? If not, then just be patient. As another poster said, you may get a revised device with the hardware fix.

    Also, not EVERYONE has bad experiences with AT&T. I, for one, have had nothing by great service, great signal and connection, and the customer service (IMO) is much better than arrogant apple associates.

    Good luck, and enjoy your new iPhone!
  9. Sherifftruman macrumors 6502

    Jun 23, 2010
    When I got my iPhone 3G it took maybe 5 minutes to port the number from Verizon. I had to order the phone (this was in an ATT store) and wait like you, but while the sales guy knew that I would be porting, the specifics did not come up until my phone actually came in and I picked it up. Then he went through setting up the account and everything once we had the phone.

    Somehow it sounds like your sales guy dropped the ball somewhere.

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