17" MBP Battery Life / Put Display to sleep / headphone jack / VZ Access Manager

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    When I first received my 17" MBP and up until about 2 weeks ago, I was getting about 6-7 hours of battery life. Two weeks ago I was running VZ Access manager, Parallels with Windows 7, Excel, & Microsoft Access and was able to work a full day (8 hours) without a charge by Putting my display to sleep while not sitting in front of it (expose top right corner).

    Now I am lucky to get 2 hours battery life, and that is running Safari only on WiFi and or VZ Access manager. I'm not sure if it was an update or what, but I also noticed my fans ramping up more frequently (even in Mac OS only), and when I use the expose to put my display to sleep (top right corner) the display wouldn't come back on after about 2 or three times (but the keyboard lights up). I have to shut the lid, let it sleep, and pray my display comes back on and or push the power button, etc. Also when I plugged my headphones in, they sound would still come out of the speakers and not the headphones.

    I read somewhere that resetting the SMC would solve the headphone problem (and probably the screen sleep problem) so I did that and it seemed to work...for now (I haven't tried the expose screen sleep for fear of it not coming back on).

    I've had problems with the VZ Access manager (verizon's software for my USB aircard) and had to re-install it. On their website it doesn't officially list the software will work with 64bit OS, but if you go through the process online here: http://www.vzam.net/download/download.aspx

    I downloaded the right software and I always "disconnect" and I drag the little icon to the trash before unplugging.

    So why am I having these battery performance issues, as well as the other problems like the headphone jack and screen sleep issues?

    This is my first Mac ever, and I LOVE my MBP, and it blows PC out of the water, but I am at a loss with these issues.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Found a solution!

    Found a solution to the battery life issue here: http://kb.parallels.com/en/111541

    Which was posted in another thread here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1190211

    It seems to be a conflict with Parallels 6 and the latest OSX update 10.6.8.

    After the latest OSX update to 10.6.8, my battery life went to about 2 hours from 7 hours, my cooling fans got loud A LOT, AND the Windows Application folder did not work. Now I know why! After doing the "workaround" on the above link, my battery life went from about 1:30 left to 4:30 left instantly! This seems to have fixed my battery life problem

    I am downloading the new version of Parallels now, but I think I will wait to install it until I see that everything is back to normal first.

    Thanks to GGJstudios for the info!

    P.S. - I still have not tried replicating the screen sleep issue to see if that is fixed yet, I don't want to chance it right now. But my headphones seem to be working just fine. I just plug them in very slowly, making sure they touch the sides and while wearing them I hear them "crackle" as I plug them in. I didn't know this was also an optical port, so I make sure the computer knows it is an analog plug by plugging it in slow and making sure it gently touches the sides.

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