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  1. lha72 macrumors member

    Jun 23, 2003
    I need to expand my home computer network, and am considering either the 17" powerbook or the dual 2GHZ G5. My main computer now is a dual 1GHZ powermac tower with 1.5 MB RAM running a 23" Sony LCD digital display. I use it for research, running multiple applications, and digital photography/images.

    I am considering the 17" powerbook, or the 15.2" powerbook, or the dual 2GHZ G5. The powerbook would give me the mobility that I would like. However, I have tested them at the local compusa and apple stores and have been exceedingly underwhelmed with their lack of power and mediocre performance. The local compusa stores have even removed the images from the IPhoto application because of the slow response.

    The 2GHZ machine would give me the power and performance required to run multiple applications and to work digital imagery.

    Was wondering if anyone has used both of these macines, running multiple applications to include digital imagery work - running photoshop.

    Also, has apple solved the problems of fan noise, limited wifi range, and exceedingly low battery life in their powerbooks, or is it still an issue.

    As a side note, I don't think panther will do much for the performace - I installed it last night on my Dual 1GHZ G4, and have been pretty disapointed - still get the buggy login - requires two attempts to log in; it's a very long startup (very microsloth like); it disabled my nortons internet security; it disabled my logitech mouse,it disabled my Kodak software. Glad to see that apple and microsloth are collaborating.
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    Sep 26, 2003
    I have a 12" PB and the fan never comes on at all. Friend of mine has the new 15, and the fan never comes on in it either. I am sorry that you are underwhelmed with Panther. It has made a really noticeable difference on my computers. My advice about the computers is to either wait on the G5 Powerbooks or to get the dual G5. But if you have decided you must go mobile now, then you should know that wifi is much better now and that battery life is significantly improved with Panther installed. Hope this helps
  3. m4rc macrumors 6502

    Sep 15, 2003
    I have a 15.2" PB and have none of the problems you talk of. I have no fan noise at all, in fact I don't think it has even come on. My airport base station is at this moment about 5 rooms away, or about 25 metres in a direct line at the other end of the building, and I have about 60% signal. As for battery, I have been working for an hour now - Safari, Entourage, Excel, Romeo, Address Book, iChat and iTunes all open, and bluetooth on. I still have 2:04 showing on the battery meter, which is usually pretty accurate. My previous laptop was an IBM, on which I would have been lucky to work for an hour using 2 applications! I am still in Jaguar BTW until my upgrade discs arrive.

    If you are doing photoshop tasks that won't work fast enough on a PowerBook, why are you considering one?

    I need to drive 100 miles and really want a battery powered car but it only has a range of 80 miles. Shall I still get it?

    Go for a top spec G5, if you can, as it is a totally different animal, albeit not very portable!


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