1GB of "Other" files on restored as new iPhone 5s?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by lawlbringer, Oct 15, 2013.

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    So I recently switched to a 5s from a 5 and noticed something really odd. I had over 1GB of "other" files with the 5s with only the YouTube app downloaded and my contacts from iCloud. I went ahead and restored the phone as new, multiple times(even from another PC), but even after initially starting out as 594MB it grows to 1GB after initially setting up the phone...even WITHOUT signing into my apple ID/iCloud.

    Is this normal? My iPhone 5 showed 13GB+ free after restore and never had 1GB of "other" files build up even after several weeks using iOS 7 also...

    The 5S is 11.9GB after this "other" stuff robs me of 1GB. Quite annoying considering I have limited space as it is. I already checked diag reports and such, nothing there. Under settings > usage it only shows the iOS apps and they hardly take up any space(7.9MB.)

    What gives?
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    back in august, my "other" was 500MB on a fresh install and swelled to 800MB after set up. i just restored the other day, AGAIN, and i went from 1.83GB down to 1.30GB on a totally clean install, no apps. i set up as new, no restore from backup. there is almost no way to reclaim this crap. unreal, apple.
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    Apple should list exactly what the "other" is within iTunes, and customers wouldn't be nearly as upset as after all, the operating system takes up this space and it would then be a non-issue.
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