1st iCloud restore and DOA sleep button

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ToeNhi, Sep 22, 2012.

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    May 2, 2012
    I got my wife's and my new iPhone 5 early yesterday (about 10am). I spent about an hour with AT&T transferring the two phones to our accounts (used the upgrade for two other lines on our account). That actually wasn't a big deal.

    Right away I started the restore process for both phones. My phone is backed up to iCloud. My wife's is backed up to our iMac (didn't want to pay an additional $40 for her iCloud account). The phone finished within an hour. My phone after almost 21 hours says it is still being restored!

    I'm going to start syncing my phone with my iMac, because this is ridiculous. If I ever lose my phone, I would have to bring it home to connect to a wifi for iCloud's to sync anyway, why not just connect it to my iMac, right? Did anyone else restore through iCloud with better results?

    On a different note, my wife's iPhone came with a dead sleep/reset button. I spent over an hour with Apple last night because they though a restore would fix it. Initially I was going to call them about her earpiece volume being too low, but decided to do a reboot first. That's when I noticed the sleep/reset button didn't work. When I called, the Apple employee asked if I took the plastic cover off the front when I told him the volume was too low. Hahaha... I didn't take it off. I was too embarrassed to admitt it, so I lied and said I did. The sleep button was/is a legitimate issue though. I have an appointment at a local apple store to have it replaced. Lets hope they have the same model available.
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