1st time buyer...UK or US?

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  1. wodwo Guest

    Hi all,
    I'm new to both forums and macs so forgvie the ignorance if it becomes blazingly apparent!!;)
    I'm currently studying in the UK. I'm a first time computer buyer, though we've had a family pc and all that, and I've used computers in college, including macs. Have fallen in love with em:D .
    I'm looking for a portable system that would accomodate both college (teaching training:wp, presentations, etc etc) and my own interests, (multimedia, photo, music, video etc)
    My questions are:
    1. I'm undecided between powerbook/ibook...an old perennial from the look of some of the other threads. In terms of pure practicality and multitasking which would be the best bet? How long will these probs with the 15" display last?ie if i buy now will there be a problem?
    2.I've a relation in the US. Things seem to be a lot cheaper over there. Would there be any problems buying powerbook/ibook and bringing it back?
    3. Finally, burning dvds...I don't have a clue. With the superdrive can you actually burn commercial dvds ie movies etc or is it just your own home movies etc. Is it fast/ slow? Would you be better waiting about til the technology got better and upgrading?I don't have a notion basically, but like the sound of the idea;)

    Hope ye can help!!:)
  2. Felix_the_Mac macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2003
    Hi. I'm in the UK too and have just bought my first Mac (15" PB 1.25).

    1. Maybe you would be better to buy an iBook 1st and see how you get on since they are cheaper. Then if you find that you love Apple you could get a Powerbook later .... maybe when they introduce a G5 model (maybe 12months maybe longer).

    2. The 15" Powerbook (with superdrive, airport, backlit keyboard etc) is a fantastic machine. But you must be aware that compared to PC's Macs are relatively slow.
    However that doesnt stop anybody using them for all the great stuff they do ie as a portable music studio.

    3. I bought my PB from John Lewis who give 2 years warranty as standard and the option to upgrade to 5year warranty for the same cost as a 3year warranty from Apple.

    4. You should budget for various extras like Airport Base station, bluetooth mouse, maybe external keyboard (useful if you want to use an external monitor), carrying case etc.
    All in all it does mount up.

    5. I hope that most of the initial problems with the new AluBook have been sorted by now but I dont know for sure (I got lucky with mine, purchased the week they were announced)

    Good luck!
  3. wodwo thread starter Guest

    Think you might be right about going for an ibook. Big dropdown in price.I've still got nine months of college to go so i'm not gonna be doing much extra curricular stuff. Could always spend the extra cash on those periphals and use em with a g5pb if i got one later;) .

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