2 Activists Testifying About the Extremist Ideology 'Within the House of Islam'

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    I had to abbreviate the title a bit, but here's the full article, penned by Asra Q. Nomani who will be testifying with Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

    What the fatwa? 2 women activists testifying on Capitol Hill about the extremist ideology ‘within the House of Islam’

    The hearing is currently being streamed here.
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    Wow. Tarek Mehanna. That's a name I haven't heard in ages. I took a course instructed by his father (an accomplished medicinal chemist) years ago right around when this story broke. His dad was a really nice guy, it was shocking that his son could be a terrorist. Reading his FaceBook post, it seems his son has become more radical (or more openly radical) after being in jail for years. The original defense was first amendment rights and FBI entrapment. What Tarek is saying now is a bit more disturbing.

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