2 iPhones, 2 bumpers and only refunded for 1.....


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Jun 23, 2007
Both my wife and I purchased iPhones and Bumpers prior to apple announcing they were going to refund bumper purchases.

We received 1 refund on 7/23 but the other hasn't been refunded. Called Apple Customer Care this week because the other refund wasn't in there system. Associate took all my info and said she would call me back. Three days later I get a call that she is "still looking into it".

Anybody else have this issue? Any suggestions?


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Jul 12, 2010
Did you buy in store or online?
I bought 2 bumpers online before Apple's program started and got refunded for both. Didn't even have to mention that my husband has an iPhone 4 too (though the bumpers are for me!).
And my husband was able to order a free case that he liked.
You should be refunded for both.
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