2 Q's: iMac G3 & Aiport - Mini DV Cams

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Jovian9, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I have 2 questions here:

    1. My friend has a Snow G3 500MHz iMac with a CD/DVD drive 2 firewire/2 usb ports and ethernet/modem/etc. Recently he ordered a G5 iMac with AE Card and base station. He is going to put the G3 iMac in his daughters room, but she will not be able to access the internet unless it is wireless. Does this model of G3 iMac use Airport cards? I would assume it would be the original cards if they do. If so, can you still buy them anywhere? If not, is there anyway to get wireless on this iMac (say via a 3rd party card)?

    2. My digital video camera is starting to show it's age, especially size wise (Sony TRV-320 Digital Handycam). Though I do plan on buying a Canon XL1-S or XL-2 someday (hopefully before I go to film school or right after I finish school) I do not want to invest that much right now in a new camera. What I want more is something smaller so that I am more likely to carry it around. I rarely carry my Sony anymore (though I did all the time when I got it) and I've attributed that to it's size/quality. If it were a really nice camera, I could deal with the size or if were small I could deal with the quality. I'd like to get a Mini DV camera and spend no more than $400 on it. I understand that that will not get me great quality but keep in mind I've had my camera for around 4 years and paid nearly $1000 for it (with warranty). So the quality of today's $400 camera should be similar to my 4yr old $1000 camera. And I know I'll be buying something better soon enough.
    Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Mini DV Camcorders and Macs? I thought I had once read that either Sony Mini DV or the Sony DVD Camcorders were not compatible or had problems with Macs. I'd rather not get another Sony (the camera has been fine but I really hate the Macy Grey commercials:) and other Sony topics ), so if this is true then it would be reason enough for me to buy a camcorder from another company.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Apr 25, 2004
    I had a similar problem with an old slot loading iMac needing wireless internet. And I didn't feel like shelling out $100+ for a used Airport card off of Ebay. So instead I purchased a Belkin 802.11b USB wireless card, and it works perfectly. Its not as neat as a Airport card (since it sits around the computer instead of inside of it), but it does work, and hey, its cheap!

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