2 questions: importing IE favs' and G3 upgrades


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Jul 1, 2002
background: I purchased a Dual 867 now a month ago or so, and I would like some help on a couple of things
First, how do I import my IE favorites from my BW G3 to my new Mac ? What I did for addresses for example was quite dumb I guess: I restored the G3, plugged back in the ethernet (internet) cable and sent my self an email with the addresses file attached. For internexplorer however I don't know which file I need to send to myself (or whether there is a better way to do that in the first place). Note that on my g3 I am running OS9.2 while my dual runs Jaguar.

Second question (I am afraid this one might be a bit boring and discussed many times before). My wife will get the g3 and I was wondering, it might be worth it to install Jaguar on that machine as well, especially for compatibility reasons - should I consider upgrading with a G4 processor ?

thx and ciao14


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So here is what you do. On your old computer if you have OS9 follow this.

Open up the system folder, open up the preference folder, scroll down and find the explorer folder and open it. Copy the Favorites.html and either email it or copy it by ethernet directly over to you new computer.

Okay now to install it.

On OSX open you user folder, open the library folder, open the preference folder, scroll down and find the explorer folder and open it. Copy or move the Favorites.html file to here.

Now that you know where your favorites are kept I always keep a back up of this file on hand just in case. I hate it when I lose all my favorites because I totally screwed the system. Though having to reinstall everything is not such a big deal if you have the little things like your favorites and your email and your email addresses all backed-up.

With the email addresses in OSX to back them up all you have to do is create a new folder on the desktop then open the Address book select all of your addresses and drag and drop them into the new folder on the desktop. It will create a bunch of vCards which are the new standard for email.


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There is no reason to need to upgrade the G3 to a G4 to run 10.2. Though it will run much faster if you do. 10.2 runs reasonably quickly on the old G3 by itself. My old machine is a B/WG3 400 w/768MB of ram and it runs it fine. The only thing I recommend is that you have at least 256MB of ram if you're going to run OS X on it. Also if she is fairly new to computers definitely start her off on OSX it is very easy to learn for a new computer user. Much easier to learn then it is for someone who has used everything from the first Apple system through OS9 to relearn to use X.
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