20" imac g5 vs. 1.8ghz powermac

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    Nov 17, 2002
    seeking opinions, advice, etc...

    decided i am going to get something. a new toy, to play with. and the choice between the 20" imac g5 and the dual 1.8ghz is very close indeed.

    the powermac hasn't really got a lot going for it. it has dual processor and a faster bus. oh and the faster superdrive. these are the only things that would affect me.

    the main factor should be the screen. i have only 17" crts. how big is a 20" widescreen lcd by comparison? huge? minimal?

    i would probably upgrade to a new imac with subsequent revisions. am i correct in assuming the 20" imac would have a higher resaleability value?

    thanks for any ideas that help me decide.
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    May 6, 2004
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    it depends what your going to use it for....

    i like that imac and it represents great value for money, but if your going to be hard on the photoshop and final cut type apps then i might say go for the dualie

    the 20inch wide screen will be really nice... my 15inch powerbook widescreen is bigger than my mates 17 inch crt... but its all about res aswell... i would have the 20 over two 17 crts anyday,,,

    what are you going to be using it for
  3. advocate macrumors regular

    Jan 16, 2004
    Remember that a 20" LCD is 20" viewable whereas a 17" CRT is just over 15" viewable. A 15" LCD is comparable to a 17" CRT and a 17" LCD is comparable to a 19" CRT.

    Also, the widescreen aspect ratio is really nice. The 15" AlBook's screen is exactly the same width as my 17" LCD; the only difference between the two is that it's a bit shorter vertically. So a widescreen 20" LCD is will be similar to a square 23" LCD except that it's a bit shorter. If you think about how your eyes are arranged (or if you ever look at a widescreen display!) you'll quickly see why that works out really well.

    You're going to *love* that 20" display if you get it. It'll be HUGE.

    I'm also in the same boat now regarding PowerMac vs iMac, though. Right now I'm leaning towards the iMac due to higher bang per buck ratio and because I'll do my heavy computation elsewhere anyway: current Windows PC for games, heavy number crunching on compute servers set up by my department for exactly that purpose. (Obviously this does not apply to anyone doing graphics work or anything else that needs to be done locally.)
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    Mar 22, 2004
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    Unless you're planning to do some heavy lifting (literally and figuratively), an iMac 20" should be sufficient for your purposes, and IMO, represents a tremendous value for those who need a Mac and a display (after years of waiting for the right Mac to buy, I bought one). Granted, it won't do some games at the highest resolution and framerate, and multiprocessor-aware processor-intensive tasks will be slower, but if those things aren't important to you, then it's a lot less expensive than the Power Mac and an LCD, takes up a lot less space, is apparently quieter, and uses less power (long-term savings). Good luck with your choice!
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    Nov 25, 2003
    :confused: Ok Here's the story:
    Longtime windows user. Pissed off with xp2 and having to constantly watch for virii, spyware, malware. Tired of things becoming obsolete in 3 (yeah 3) months. Don't have much that I'd miss on a MAC. I am a small business owner doing web building. I dabble in Lightwave too. So, which is best: imac 17 w/ 1 gb ram imac 20" with 2 or Powermac? Anything a new convert needs to watch out for?
    Thanks guys

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