20 Things We Don't Know About the iPhone


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Jun 15, 2010
Read this article from 4 years ago. Reading this now, after 4 years later some of the 20 things seem silly. But read #20:

20. Will the iPhone really "change the world"? The iPod "changed the world" because everyone bought one. But will the iPhone's price, Cingular-only support, lack of business usability, and other factors really make the iPhone just a niche luxury toy for the rich?

So, has the iPhone changed the world?



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Oct 22, 2009
GE uses iPhone

Business usability much? Cingular-only support? really? Toy for the rich? I would call a Vertu that, rather than an iPhone. Enterprise integration has become integral in iOS since OS 3.0 if I'm not mistaken.


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Jan 1, 2012
I'd say it's had a big impact on The world. There's degree courses on writing smartphone apps now I think! Everything has an iPhone app, they've evolved into iPads which are everywhere! Workplace, school, home etc.


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Jun 8, 2009
Easy there big guy, loosen your kilt. There's plenty of debt on your side of the pond as well. Ever hear of Greece?
LOL - we all make minor gaffs. When I first arrived in the UK from the US almost 20 years ago I was asked if we had Ford in the US, followed by a similar question about Kellog's. :eek:

Mind you, my father asked me once if he needed shots traveling from the US to the UK.

As for the kilt comment...
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Nov 8, 2007
4. How fast is the iPhone? Touch-screen devices are often ruined by a delay when you press the on-screen, virtual buttons. Apple may solve this problem with its first-release product, but if it doesn't, a persistent lag will degrade the user experience.
this was a big problem with touch screen phones back in the day, and for some reason, manufacturers other than apple can't figure this out.

blackberry and android handsets still have this problem..


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Dec 22, 2009
Look at smartphones before the iPhone. Now look at smartphones after the iPhone.

There not a single doubt in my mind that the iPhone revolutionised the industry as we know it. Even Android fanboys have agreed with me on that one.


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Jul 24, 2009
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Back when the iPhone came out I was rocking a razor and a rebranded htc. Trust me it was painful. Switched to the iPhone and never looked back. Have purchased various android handsets over the years but there a chore to use. But each and every iPhone just gets better!


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Jun 8, 2009
Sigh. I wish I was back in the U.K. ... are you adopting? lol ;)
Sorry - I served my duty raising my own kids. Which country are you in now?

I'm pretty happy to be in the UK - health care costs from a life-threatening illness would have bankrupted me in the US. I am even more ecstatic that I'm in Scotland (whiskey, Highlands, unspoilt shorelines, open countryside and freedom to roam in it, snow, the bagpipes, and mostly wonderful folk) than some other parts of the UK. :D

Mind you, the UK is much less enthusiastic about damned foreigners these days, but they can't take their xenophobia out on EU immigrants, so the rest of us, even those of us from the US or the Commonwealth, get additional scrutiny... I can see it getting ugly if the UK economy keeps tanking.
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