20 Things We Don't Know About The iPhone

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    Description:: Steve Jobs unveiled his breathtaking iPhone vision Tuesday, calling it a "magical" device that would "change the world" when it ships in June.

    Jobs' use of the word "magical" hit the nail on the head. Jobs' keynotes are more than just speeches. They're magic shows.

    A skilled magician makes you believe in magic. He makes you believe the magician has supernatural powers to, say, make people (or competitors) disappear. But there's no such thing as magic. The magician makes you believe by showing you one thing but keeping you in the dark about all the facts that might shatter the illusion.

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    Interesting things about the iPhone, although we already knew a few of them ;) It's good to see things in the right light and not the "magic show"
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    Ok, some good questions, but mostly stupid or at least irrelevant...

    How about Bluetooth?
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    Will the iPhone scratch or peel?

    People still fail to realize that the reason Apple Handheld products seem "frail" is because they are made to be insanely beautiful from the factory. The luster and brilliance of anything wouldn't last if you let it roll around in a pocket or satchel with all manner of abraisive objects. Anyone who would like to say that things of that price shouldn't ever scratch should take a look at my TAG. Titanium and high density crystal and it's still scratched all to hell. Why? Because I don't carry it around in a velvet bag.

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