20-year-old college student says Uber driver left her on side

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by jkcerda, Apr 19, 2019.

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    That's why you talk about the weather with your Uber driver. Really, strangers have no need to know about your personal life.
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    it was a 30 plus minute ride and the story is fishy, according to her uber did kick Scott to the curb but still something is weird about the story.
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    Such a shame the baby will never be able to get into an Uber eh?

    Anyway, the story says the Uber driver was fired so maybe it's legit?...
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    Agreed. There seems to be missing information here, but if the guy did just leave her at a gas station, Uber was right to terminate him IMO.

    If he had suspicions that she was going to an abortion clinic, I really don’t understand why he’d pick her up in the first place.
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    Yeah, one-sided first hand accounts on Reddit are always a little suspicious. Since Uber fired him that probably means the general theme of her story is true, so I’ll tentatively accept it as probably mostly true. But it’s only one side of the story and clearly she was very emotional independent of the Uber driver. Emotional crisis tends to distort things such as perception of tone and time.

    1) First off, it’s so sad this girl felt too uncomfortable to confide with at least one of friends or family for emotional support. Even though she’s remaining anonymous, rightfully so, I commend her courage for speaking out for reporting the driver to Uber.

    2) Obviously harassing a woman over her destination, making inferences, and lecturing her over decisions is highly inappropriate. If an Uber driver started lecturing me on something I’d tell them to stop the car, F-off, and get money refunded without question.

    3) Leaving a young woman in an area unfamiliar to her in the middle of nowhere is inexcusable.

    3) I’m a little confused why she went so far outside of Ithaca for the procedure. I understand sometimes women don’t want to be seen by someone they might know. It sounds like this was quite a drive though.

    4) Reporting him to Uber, definitely appropriate. Reporting him to the police is a little silly but understandably she was very upset. Suing Uber... that’s seems like to a stretch. Aren’t Uber drivers technically independent contractors? I’d think she’d have a better chance suing civilly, but even then what exactly is she suing for? I don’t think she’ll enjoy a defense lawyer asking her questions.

    (If she wants compensation she should have not reported this on Reddit, had her lawyer threaten to sue or offer to settle out of court. If they decline to settle, the case goes to court and becomes public and damages Uber’s reputation- which already has some major issues lately. If they settle, she stays quiet, and gets compensated without the trauma of court. She’s lost some bargaining power here.)

    5) I’m not sure why she assumes his coworkers at his “regular job” would congratulate him for doing this.

    6) I can imagine this guy deep down inside probably truly believed he was doing “the right thing”. But this was not the time or place, nor did he have the proper relationship, credentials, or authority -nor will he ever, to speak to her about this. It’s beyond inappropriate and ultimately emotionally harmful

    7) Not specific to this case: I believe people can oppose abortion without infringing on others rights. Pro-life people should respect the rights of others. If you have a religious objection then leave the judgement to God. At the same time, I think pro-abortion people need to respect the sensitivity some people have around abortion. I understand why people promote abortion rights, but I think it needs to be done in a careful, non-combative way. A reasoned argument that recognizes the opposition’s opinion is far more effective than other methods that push away or antagonize opposition.

    I’m against abortion *personally* for secular ethical reasons, but I suppose ambivalent for *others*. My GF and I take precautions because of this. I respect people have the right to their decisions and I can’t judge them as they have different life circumstances than me and experiencing something I have never. If they ask my opinion that’s one thing, but if I care for them in the slightest I will support them emotionally in whatever they choose.
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    the account about uber firing him is also only from her side.
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    From the article:

    Uber confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the driver was removed from the service as his actions violated the company’s community guidelines

    Only says his actions violated the companies guidelines... What guidelines he violated are unknown...

    If he didn't want to transport her to the slaughterhouse then he should have just refused the ride to start. If he dumped her on the side of the road as she claims then that's just flat out wrong.
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    Either it was in that Reddit post or the one she posted on r/legaladvice, but the one outside of Ithaca was the nearest one that had availability (in three days). The PP clinic closest to her had openings after a week.
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    This raises more questions.. Why the rush over waiting 4 more days for a local appointment?
  12. Tech198, Apr 22, 2019
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    If this was a taxi service (not uber) do you think this would have resulted differently ?

    So, if I decided to dump you out of the car because i didn't agree with you. i would get sued over that too ? I doubt it...

    At the end of the day, its still a helping hand, but its not a law you must obey. . It's wrong, for sure.

    Its just company policy you must obey.
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    Right wingers love unborn child, but they won't take home any.

    Ensure little or no health insurance for the child? ✔
    Provide little or reduce education funding for its education? ✔
    Make plenty of guns available everywhere to everyone and increase chance of untimely death? ✔
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    A young woman going through a crap time made worse by a self-righteous fool not doing his job. It was not fo the tax driver's damned business.
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    Given that she decided to have the abortion, the sooner the better with respect to avoiding complications.

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