200+ dead in a single day, yet who is changing their Facebook avatar to the Iraqi flag?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by aaronvan, Jul 5, 2016.

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    More than 200 people died in Baghdad in a single day, so why aren't people changing their profile pics to show the Iraqi flag like they did with the French and Belgian flags?

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    This has been brought up before with Beirut. It's not a Western thing, even Arabs showed more empathy with Paris:

    Iraq is a war-torn country currently involved in major combat operations against ISIS. People dying frequently due to suicide bombings is, sadly, expected. The only thing exceptional here is the number of dead.

    Paris in contrast is very peaceful. Suicide bombings there are not the norm. France is also, by far, the #1 tourist destination in the world. More people around the world can directly relate to France than to Iraq.

    So to answer your question, it's just human nature. Most people cannot identify with Iraq and are numbed by the constant violence. Conversely, people can relate to the French, and that type of violence there is shocking.
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    Good answer
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    Life is cheap in that part of the world.
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    Umm…. Iraq is still a country? Eye-raq is as legitimate a country as the Islamic State, or the Palestinian State (recognized by Sweden and maybe 2 other Euro anti-Israeli countries), or South Ossetia (recognized only by Russia).

    Really, Iraq is so messed up after the fall of Saddam, the majority of the planet think it's better off being 3 or 4 independent enclaves. The Shia part of (southern) Iraq is under Iranian control and Shia militia control, it's almost become the 32nd province of Iran.

    The north-eastern region is governed autonomously by the Kurds. If you ask me, IMHO the Kurds deserve their own sovereign Kurdish Republic.

    The Western enclaves are still under ISIS control or under Sunni tribal control (many of whom ally themselves with ISIS).

    Lastly, the majority of Facebook-using millennials don't care about Iraq this week, since they're still posting pictures of how they got so wasted and had sex with donkeys on July 4th. Iraq is the last thing on their minds right now.
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    Was having this discussion with my friends the other day. Facebook says it's an international company...lol joke. Turkey had that attack and now this, and no ones said **** about it. What a double standard.

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