2007 Reflections: Apple's record breaking year

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Nice summary of the year's events. Would have been even better if the author of this article had a true grasp of the English language :)
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    Apple certainly has had a great year overall. In fact, two years - the turning point was for its PC range was introducing Intel processors. A shame the quality of MBP has been a horror story ( i.e., Yellow displays ).

    Apple desktops and MacBook hold their own and are competitively priced with the competition.

    AppleTV - at the moment, whats the point?

    iPod, especially the introduction of the Touch - great evolution. It'll push the competition, and therefore, push Apple for more innovation.

    Despite not liking the iPhone ( high contract price, low in features, no SDK ( yet ) ), the iPhone has kicked the cellphone world into more innovation. We can look forward to better UIs all round.

    Hopefully Apple will carry on its market gains and innovation in 2008, and it could be another great year, especially if Apple introduce a sub notebook PC, more touch devices etc.
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    What about the MBP being the best performing Vista laptop? ;)

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